my boy

Does he really have to grow up so fast? There should be laws against it! 

He is so handsome, and yes, I tell him all the time. I think I might give him a big head. He'll walk up to me and say "mama I tute" (i cute).
I tell him all day long how cute he is and how I love his hair, his eyes, his toes, his nose, his mouth. He is so perfect. 
Seriously, doesn't his sweet face scream model!


Here is a quick list of the cute things he does and says right now:

- "mama! hurt head!" (or any other body part that gets hurt) He loves to taddle on taylor, If they are rough housing and he gets the smallest pain. "MAMA! Dada HURT!" Daddy gets in trouble every time ;)

- "Help me hair" (instead of saying help you, he says help me)  He is always wanting to help me. He wants to help cook, Help sew, Help me put on my make up, Help me dry my hair. It is so sweet.

- "Plane Sky, Dada, Poppy Bye Bye" Since Taylor has started doing some traveling Caden thinks that every plane in the sky is taking his dad and grandpa on a trip.

- "uh ohhhh. Mama BIG BOOGER. Hand NOW" haha. He always thinks he has a big booger up his nose. He'll either try to blow it out himself or ask me to pick it out. Then he wants me to put it on his hand so he can look at it. Little Boys.....

- "Yeah Yeah CouDoe Fooball!" (BYU Cougar Football) anytime he sees the stretch Y or a cougar, this is what he blurts out. He was really well behaved at the home game we took him to 3 weeks ago. He talked about it for days. I'm sure it won't be his last with that true blue blood running through his veins.

- Me: "Caden Guess what?" Caden: "ummm... What?" This is probably my favorite thing he is doing right now. Every time he is asked a question he responds with "ummmm..?" before answering. He has to think so hard before answering ;)

- "gasp, mama! I-Cole" (motorcycle) "gasp, MAMA! Dane" (crane) "gasp, MAMA! DaBee Duck" (garbage truck) He gasps before saying anything exciting. It always scares me when we're driving and that big gasp comes out. Then he shouts out anything cool he sees out his window. Cranes, trucks, Airplane, Motorcycles, Horses, Birds. He is so observant.

- "doe park, wing, water.. wing" (go park swing, water swing) Every day he wants to go down to the park. He loves the swings more than the playground. The sprinklers and rain always leave big puddles under the swings, So he calls them water swings.

- "My bubbles!" "Mama, My BUBBLES". Me : "no my bubbles!" Caden: "NO NO no NO MY BUBBLES mama, MY BUBBLES!" of course he is a little more than obsessed with Finding Nemo right now. He makes a game out of this going back and forth over "my bubbles". I don't know how he picked that one liner out of the movie as his favorite!

- "BIG BIG Dino" He loves dinosaurs. Any Dino is big in his mind. Even his little toy dinos. He loves to feed his dino's "big food". He'll dig their heads into his breakfast and lunch saying "BIG Dino Hungy". It is too cute.

- "Mere mommy" "Mere daddy" (come here, c'mere) I love this cute word.

-When we hear daddy's motorcycle rolling up our street I'll tell Caden daddy's home! So he'll run and hide behind front door and when Taylor walks in He'll run out of hiding and start tickling daddy. 

He always has to pick out his own clothes, some days it only consists of underwear and sunglasses. He wants to wear a tie every day of the week. He can put on most of his shoes by himself. He will tell me exactly what he wants to eat and drink for lunch and breakfast. Ranging from blueberry waffles to honey toast. He wants to do his own hair and brush his own teeth. He has his days, and he can be quite the handful. He wants to be independent and in charge. But even on those days he still melts my heart and makes me laugh.

I love his cute talk. He makes me laugh over all the funny things he says and does. He is the most adorable lovable little boy. I love watching him grow and learn, but some days I wish time would stand still.


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