Fall Wreath Tutorial

Hello Fall! There is no better way to bring that incredible fall air into your home than a little decorating {and possibly some chocolate chip pumpkin cookies ;)} This is by far my favorite season of the year and I always get excited to do fun fall activities!

wreath tutorial

I spotted an adorable corn husk wreath in a home decor store a few weeks back. I took a good look at how it was put together and decided it would be more than easy to make! I headed to the dollar store and wal-mart to pick up the supplies and my grand total came to $7.00!

Here's the supplies you'll need:

 - 1 green foam wreath (dollar store)
- 1 pkg of short sewing pins
- 1 8 oz pkg of corn husk (walmart, with the Mexican food)
- 1 brown ink pad - optional

wreath tutorial

First off separate the corn husks cause they'll all be stuck together. Then soak them in a sink full of water until they're pliable, around 5-10 min. While they are still damp tear them into 1-2 in pieces. Let them dry for a few minutes. Beginning on the outside pin the wider ends of the pieces to the foam wreath. I stacked 3-4 strips on top of each other then pinned. The more you stack the fuller it will be. On some you may need to use 2 pins to keep them in place. You could use hot glue, but pins are more forgiving and I like forgiving! Work your way around the wreath pinning each row closer to the center. Wrap the last row into the center and pin down the wider ends well so they don't show through the center of the wreath. Now hang it up and make sure you haven't missed anything. Then take the ink pad and stain the tips and edges of the husk pieces. You can skip the last step, I just thought the ink added a little more character. Hang it up and let it dry! That's it! easy.

Iwreath tutorial

IMwreath tutorial

wreath tutorial

Cheap, easy and it turned out adorable!


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