On All Hallows Eve

I just had to share a little part from my brother's email last week. I seriously got goosebumps from this picture. It is amazing how different holidays can be in other countries. Coming from America where Halloween is basically all commercial.. to Lithuania where it is all spiritual. Pretty amazing. I love hearing about Lithuania's culture!

"We carved pumpkins on Sunday, it was fun. The only pumpkin that I could find was greenish blue! They don't have the big round ones like back at home. It looked cool though and we did some traditional faces. I had to keep up the tradition of carving pumpkins! Yesterday we also went to a big graveyard here in Kaunas to see one of the holidays that they celebrate. November 1st is called All Saints Day. The legend goes: that on All Hollows Eve all the spirits rise from their graves. The day after, All Saint's Day, the souls return to their graves. But sometimes they lose their way and they need to be guided back. So the people in the city go and put candles on the graves so the souls can find their way back. The graveyards are COVERED in candles and it is so cool! It's totally something that you would never see in America."
 - Elder Leishman



Ooo. A graveyard in the forest, totally creepy. I love this picture!


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