Coolest Big Brother

This picture just about sums it up! We are so excited to finally be expecting baby #2.

Caden is going to be a big brother in 6 months! Being a mommy of 2? I am so excited. The fact that we are really having a baby is starting to sink in! Sometimes I felt like this day would never come.  It was a long process and took a lot of faith and prayer, but baby #2 is finally coming! Feeling the little twitch of baby kicks is making it more real for me every day. The lack of posts on this blog may partially have been due to no energy and not feeling so well. Or maybe I just got lazy for a couple of months ;) I am excited to be in my second trimester and I'm hoping it brings lots of energy and motivation! Oh, yes, I need it.

The Due Date is: July 1, 2010

We are so excited and ready to have a new little baby at our house!

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