The Funny Things He Says

I'm feeling a little guilty. My camera hasn't been out much in the last month. I haven't taken the time to even draft a few posts about thanksgiving, Christmas tree, holiday traditions.. and most importantly my adorable little boy. I don't know what caused my lack of motivation to start Christmas shopping this year. I seriously waited to start till it was 3 weeks away! Shame on me. Now I am suffering the lack of time during the holidays! We are headed out to finish a project at color me mine (one present) and pick up a few more small items at the mall. I am completely finished with Caden's shopping (yes I bought too much for him). How does anyone stop buying for their cute little kids? I see something and think, ooooo Caden would love that! Then buy it. As I was finishing all the wrapping yesterday I felt so guilty about the gigantic pile of stuff for Caden and the 4 little presents I had for Taylor :( Guess that's what happens when his stuff costs 1/4th as much as Taylor's presents.

Christmas is a week away! I am so excited! Next week is going to be insane with Christmas parties! Food, Family, Friends! And I am praying for snow. Yes. You heard me right. We have no snow. Our streets are bone dry and the sun has shown through clear blue skies for the last 2 weeks. I checked the 10 day forecast and it says *SNOW* for Christmas Eve and Christmas! Please let it be, it just isn't Christmas without the snow!

We still have a bunch of little traditions to do next week before the big day arrives:

1) Make sugar cookies and take to friends!
2) Watch Holiday Inn
3) Watch Christmas Story
4) Go see a nativity Scene
5) Make Gingersnap Cookies for Santa
{didn't you know those are his favorite ;)}

and anything else that comes to mind....

My cute little boy is SO excited for Christmas. He is so fun and cute. I love this age, well I love every age, but this age is so fun. He has learned the actions and most of the words to: patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping and once there was a snowman. We sing them all the time. I should post some videos. He is also saying the funniest things. Here are some that have made me burst out laughing:

- When we leave the house to go anywhere Caden always has to bring a few toys. Usually it consists of his stuffed animals "horsey dodo" or "doggy" and a toy car. This particular morning my arms were full, I was carrying hoodies for both of us and my coat, a wipe case and Caden's gloves. I was in a hurry and needed to get down to the car quickly. I asked Caden to hand me his doggy on top of the pile in my left arm and then I picked him up in my left arm to carry him down the stairs. As soon as we started going down He reached into my arm and pulled his doggy off the top. I was holding everything tightly and him pulling sent the wipe case flying down the stairs. I looked at him and said "CADEN! don't do that when I'm carrying everything." He looked at me confused and said "Mama, DOGGY did it!" I couldn't stop laughing. He's starting early, blame it on someone else!

- We were making crepes for dinner one night and I was pouring and flipping them in the pan while Taylor was setting the table. Caden was helping Taylor but wandered over towards me. He patted my bum and said "good boy Mama."

- We went to Sizzlers with our good friends on a weekend. Caden eats for free there and we LOVE it! I went to the salad bar and got him some things I thought he would like: watermelon, grapes, tortilla chips and guacamole, fishy crackers, and vanilla and chocolate pudding. While the rest of us were waiting for our food we were all just talking. I looked over at Caden's plate and he had spooned tons of chocolate pudding onto one of the tortilla chips. He looked up at me, smiled and said "mama, chocolate chip!"

We sure love him. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season! If I'm lucky I might get to some new posts with pictures this weekend!


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