Magical Time of Year

Christmas is 6 days away. I can hardly believe it. How have the months passed so quickly since this time last year? It's been a whirlwind. Now to top it off we have the best holiday a few days away.

Christmas really is a magical time of year. The love, family coming together, celebrating the birth of our savior, the snow (which may not come this year), the excitement of Santa coming. It is all so magical. Nothing makes this Christmas more magical than having a little 2 year old. He makes me excited. His dash to the tree in the morning to plug in the lights. The reminder that we have to move the mouse on our Calendar. He brings the spirit of Christmas into our home.

We are planning on sleeping at our house for Christmas this year. Our very first Christmas at home. Santa will come and hopefully bring Caden a certain 2 presents... Toy Story 3 and a Bike ;) oh please don't forget Santa. Caden has been a very good boy this year. We have really enjoyed doing some family Christmas traditions: candy advents, decorating our tree together, build-a-bear, visiting Santa at the mall, watching our favorite holiday films.. and burning our magic Christmas candle.

We got some new ornaments for our tree this year. Caden found adorable little birds in a basket while we were shopping. I couldn't say no to that cute little face of his, and the birds were really cute! We pulled out a few of the ornaments that my mom gave from my childhood collection. Caden quickly fell in love with my little Santa Clause. He will stare at him and pat the little penguin's head. Sometimes I catch him talking to Santa saying things like "I good boy", "reindeer fly in the sky", "Toy Story, Bike". It melts my heart. He loves Santa. He would do just about anything for him ;) Our tree has been Caden's pride and joy. He plugs it in first thing in the morning, and he makes sure it stays on all day.




I always looked forward to our candy advents. We would choose anything we wanted to put in it: candy, crackers, gum, fruit snacks. You name it. This year we used york, peanut m&ms, butterfinger, snickers, and scooby snacks. Caden helped me lay the candy out (and stole pieces when I wasn't looking). We wrapped them in red plastic wrap and tied them with green ribbon. Then hung them over our pantry door. Each day we cut one candy off. This has to be one of Taylor's favorite traditions. His candy is always cut to the exact day ;)


And for our Magic candle. This is the best tradition ever invented. Thank you dad for being so creative. When I was a girl I was always so amazed by this magic candle. I still to this day do not know how it works. My brother and I have examined every candle my dad has made, cut it apart, watched him endlessly while it burns on Christmas eve.. and we still don't know the trick. When I called my dad at the beginning of the month I asked what I needed to do this magic candle. A candle with wax the same color through the core, and puff paint. I proceeded to ask him "so.. dad.. what do I do to it? I mean, how does it work?" He started laughing uncontrollably. He couldn't believe I still didn't know how this magic candle works. He told me he'd show me Christmas week (yes, I am anxious to find out!) 

You start with 24 dots on the candle. Every night we light the candle and read scriptures about Jesus until one dot burns off. On Christmas eve we read the story of Jesus's birth. This night is different. Santa is getting ready to leave his work shop any minute to bring presents to our house. While dad would read we all watched the candle very closely. The flame starts to flicker, the wick falls and the candle goes out. SANTA IS COMING!!! Somehow this magic candle goes out by itself on Christmas eve. Meaning Santa is on his way! We run to our beds and try to fall asleep as fast as we can ;)

 I am so excited to have our own magic candle this year. Caden loves lighting it and watching it burn a dot every night. Every night he points to the very last dot and says "Santa Clause". He knows. I can't wait to watch the magic in 5 days! The excitement makes me feel like a kid again.



During this Christmas season the true magic is feeling the overwhelming spirit fill our home as we read scriptures and sing Christmas hymns. Remembering the birth of our Savior. Remembering what he has done for each and every one of us. I am so grateful. I am blessed with a beautiful little family. Taylor has a good job that he loves.  We have a place to call home. We are close to both of our families. We are truly blessed.

May the magic of Christmas fill everyone's hearts and homes.


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