Once There Was A Snowman..

I'm not going to lie. I was a little distraught over the fact that we might not get a white Christmas. This coming from Mrs. "I hate snow" is kind of a big deal. Waking up this morning to a very white world has my Christmas spirits soaring! Our deck looked like it had enough snow to make a little snowman and oh how my little boy loves playing in the snow. I went in his room to wake him up, threw some snow clothes on and we were out in the snow before we even ate breakfast! He had so much fun rolling and patting the 3 balls into place. He loved the carrot nose and button eyes. He really felt that we needed a button for the snowman's "shirt" {hence the single button ;)}. He was so proud of his work. He begged me to call daddy to come home and see his creation. When I ran to grab my camera, I came back out to see him hugging and kissing the snowman. I laughed, asking him what he was doing, his reply was simply "Mama, love snowman. Kiss snowman!". Could he be any more stinkin' cute? He has been walking around all morning singing "snowman, snowman.. tall, Tall, TALL!"

snow man

snow man

snow mansnow man

snow man

We are all pretty happy about the white outside! I can't wait for Christmas!


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