I'm going to post my occasional photography sessions on here for a while (as well as my photography blog). That way you will all get to see them ;)

I have been the only married cousin (on my mom's side of the family) for almost 4 years now. Granted.. I got an early start in that department. I have been dying for more of my cousin's to get married. Excluding me and my cousin Brittany, I think there are 3 eligible girls right now and there will be 2 boys by next summer! I bet they will all get married at the same time, just to make life crazy ;) Brittany is my closest cousin, she is just over a week younger than me. She is so sweet and beautiful. She met her fiance, Reed on the folk dance team at BYU. They are both amazing dancers and have traveled the world as a part of that team. Brittany is now a graduate and a teacher. These two are such a cute couple and I am so excited for them! I am so glad I got to take their engagement pictures. I think they turned out beautifuly. Congratulations guys!

IMG_0461 copy

IMG_0492 copyIMG_0632 copy2

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IMG_0579 copyIMG_0562 copy

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Caden 4 Months
Brynnley 4 Months
(this is the only one from her 4 month shoot that I got edited, hopefully I'll get around to the rest of these in a few weeks, they are just gorgeous!)
IMG_9411 copysrgb
As I was adding Brynnley's 4 months stats to "the kids" page I jumped up to see how she was comparing to Caden. I was really surprised to see how similar in size and in development they have been. I mean they have been really close in almost every measurement, the biggest difference was their birth weight which I am sure is only because Brynn came 9 days early.

Caden: 7 lbs 5 oz (40%) 20 inches (51%)
Brynn: 6 lbs 8 oz {20%} 20 inches {60%}

Caden: 8 lbs (38%) 21 inches (67%)
Brynn: 7 lbs 7 oz {50%} 21 inches {90%}

Caden: 11 lbs 12 oz (57%) 24 inches (89%)
Brynn: 11 lbs 15 oz {70%} 23 1/4 inches {75%}

Caden: 15 lbs (54%) 25 inches (73%)
Brynn: 14 lbs 13 oz {55%} 25 inches {80%}

Their development is where I expected to see the biggest difference. Everyone always told me they would progress so differently being they are different genders. Physically Brynn is a couple weeks behind the things Caden was doing, but with development the biggest difference is how well they sleep! I am not going to complain about Brynn beating Caden to sleeping through the night.

Caden: exactly 1 month
Brynn: 1 day before 1 month

Caden: 10 days before 3 months
Brynn: 10 days before 3 months

Caden: 8 days after 2 months
Brynn: 11 days after 1 month

Caden: 10 days before 5 months
Brynn: 9 days after 2 months

Caden: 3 days after 3 months
Brynn:16 days after 3 months

Caden: 9 days before 4 months
Brynn: 14 days after 4 months

I love looking at Brynn and seeing that glimpse of Caden sneak through.  I miss that baby boy, he has grown to be my best little friend. We do butt heads on a regular basis, but he is so quick to forgive or say sorry. I love their differences as much as their similarities. Having a girl has turned us into a bunch of softies. She is so sweet, she adores her big brother. Their connection is incredible to me, he can quiet her down and make her laugh better than almost anyone. She is such a girly little thing and I love it. Everyone told me having one of each is the best, I have to agree. I love having my all boy and girly girl, and seeing them together melts my heart. 




In August we took a trip with Taylor's family down to Fish Lake. It was perfect timing with the weather. We went from blistering hot to the perfectly pleasant mountain air. I had never been to Fish Lake before. We stayed in cabins and spent a lot of time outdoors. Caden has been begging me ever since to go back. He loves the great outdoors.

The days are all jumbled together in my mind. We did so many fun things, celebrated Mimi's birthday and had lots of yummy food. We rode 4-wheelers up high in the mountains. We found a nice random snow patch that we played on for a while. Brynnley stayed with her Mimi wile the rest of us enjoyed a few hours out in the sun. My hair was plastered with dirt and felt like hay after we got back, the joys of the outdoors ;) Taylor was dared to roll down the snow patch.. which, of course, he did. It was freezing. We stopped at a few other places, on the ride, and enjoyed the scenery. It was so beautiful up in the mountains. Triest and I held the boys on our laps for the ride home in the Ranger. We held hats in front of their faces as we were getting pelted by bugs. They were out in minutes and slept the whole ride back down the mountain.

fish lakefish lake
Mr. goof ball! He was so excited to go 4-wheeling.
fish lakefish lake
Gabe and Caden playing in some water
fish lake

fish lake
The skies and lake were insanely blue.. I almost attempted to tone down the blue in editing!
fish lake
Maddy and Bryce's family joined us later in the day. They brought some pretty fun fishing poles for the boys. Britton and Caden were casting across the street in no time! They played with their poles for the majority of the time we were up camping.
fish lake

fish lakefish lake

fish lake
I love their faces in this one. It looks like they are evaluating Caden's cast... By their expressions it looks like it wasn't very good ;)
fish lake
My little miss. She decided not to sleep very well while we were up there. I was up with her 4 or 5 times a night..  I was so tired. I think that was the worst she's ever slept, she must have felt out of her element. I love her sweet chubby cheeks, she is such a doll.
fish lakefish lake
Caden making French Toast with Poppy. His very favorite breakfast. He knows how to make it well ;)
fish lake
Bret rented some wave runners for the trip. I had never been on one before.. in fact.. Caden beat me to riding one! The boys had so much fun riding with Poppy, they wanted to go again and again. The water was FREEZING, but we stayed surprisingly dry while we rode on these.
fish lake

fish lake

fish lake

fish lake
They also rented a pontoon boat for fishing. We went out the morning of the day we left, Taylor needed to get back to work.. so we had to leave a couple of days early. We parked the boat and baited the poles. I love fishing, but I've never done it off a boat. For lake fishing, I think I prefer the shore. The boat was fun and relaxing. Taylor didn't feel like fishing so he took the wave runner instead. He picked Caden up. I didn't want his pants getting wet since he would be wearing them home.. so instead he went in his undies ;) I love those little boy boxer briefs. They make their bums looks so cute (hehe). Caden didn't want to get off. We fished for a while and I rode on the wave runner. I actually got to drive it! I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous at first.. but it was a lot of fun and I liked my hubby holding on to me for dear life ;) Little miss B slept most of the time on the boat and both of the kids crashed for the ride home. It made for a pleasant trip back :)

Mouth full of apples; and aren't those boots so cute! I love her fun fall clothes.
fish lakefish lake

fish lake

fish lakefish lake

Thanks Mimi and Poppy! We had so much fun :)




Remember that post a little while back? All about hair care? Well I made the decision earlier this year that in order to get my hair to grow longer, I had to stop bleaching it. I have been blonde for the last 4 1/2 years (colored brown twice in between, but switched immediately back). I love my hair blonde, but my curly hair needs heat if it is even going to look half decent.. even when it's worn curly... and heat + bleach = fried. Therefore.. my hair is pretty fried. I want all of my hair to be down to my waist, bangs and all.. and I'm not kidding. With all the research I did for that hair care post and after talking to my fabulous hair dresser ;) I decided it was time to say bye-bye blonde. It took me a good 6 months to finally follow through with it. 


First off I was pretty darn scared. I had an all-over color done right before I left hair school about a month before Taylor and I got married. My hair was PLATINUM. In an effort to make the brown stay we filled my hair first. Meaning.. we dyed it bright orange.. seriously it was hideous. Then we dyed it brown. The problem is... my hair loves those warm colors. So it quickly lost that beautiful brown color and started fading orange. YUCK! Not that I don't like those beautiful red heads out there.. but for me.. I can't do orange. So I gradually went back to blonde. The second time I went dark I had a weave done. It looked so muddy and ashy and totally washed me out, as if I need more "washing out". It was too dark and the color looked horrible on me. So I went blonde again. So you can imagine, after going brown twice and having such bad experiences.. I was scared to do it again. I told myself both times after having it done "never do this again.. remind yourself.. never do this again!" I had that running through my mind the whole time I was considering the switch. 

Second.. I had a baby in the middle of everything. I had no time or desire to make the change. 

Third, we had family pictures coming up and I didn't want to have brown hair for pictures.. not knowing how it would turn out.


I finally went through with it. I am glad I gave myself those 6 months to stew over the idea. By the time I made my appointment I was so over being blonde. I sat down with my girl... Seriously love this girl (we went to hair school together).. We looked through tons of pictures and talked about what I didn't like and what I did like. It's nice cause I know the lingo for hair! We spent a good hour on the computer and deciding exactly what to do. I've been dying to do a color melt. I think they are SO gorgeous. I love the drastic ones, but I feel like they only look good if your hair is always curled.. and me.. well I don't have time to curl my hair every day! So I wanted a much more subtle Ombre/Color Melt. We melted a 6 to an 8 on my hair for those who know color. My natural is an 8 but we only did a semi-permanent color so it would fade. It turned out beautifully. I seriously LOVE it. It was a little dark at first and it is still quite a bit darker than my natural color, but I like it. I am going to let my roots grow out and we can see how much it fades total. If it blends perfectly then great! If not I might keep coloring my roots, or lighten the whole thing a little bit. I love being brunette.

just woke up face ;)

The brown has lightened up some from these pictures, and has faded into a gorgeous Ombre. These pictures don't do it justice (especially the back, this shot makes it looks super drastic when, really, it's not), I should take some more, but this will do for now :)


My favorite part.. no more re-growth lines! It is so even and blended.
If anyone wants a great stylist in Utah County let me know ;)


Brynnley is such a content and happy little baby. You know you've caught her eye when she gives you that great big smile. She laughed for the first time while we were at Sonic getting a treat on September 10th. I can't believe that was a month ago! She laughs and smiles most when I am changing her diaper (.... dunno why?). Not many people have had the chance to hear her laugh. She thinks my mom is hilarious and laughs at her all the time. Today Uncle Ross had her laughing loud enough to draw attention from the other side of the office (she loves her uncle Ross). We were watching tv tonight and Caden started making weird sounds at her, she was cackling. She loves watching him and talking to him, and he loves capturing her attention! I love her cute laugh, it is so contagious and it reminds me of my moms :) We finally caught it on video!

I have lots of other videos I need to upload on my computer and post... more to come :)