Weekend Getaway

I have the sweetest husband. Just wanted to get that out there.

Last weekend we headed to Vegas for a somewhat spur of the moment vacation. I told Taylor, a few weeks ago, that I really wanted to go shopping at the H&M in Vegas. Ever since we went to California and shopped there 2 summers ago, I've been dying to go back! They have a maternity, kids and mens section section in the Vegas store and I was desperately in need of maternity clothes for this pregnancy. I think I bought 3 shirts and 1 belly band with pregnancy no. 1. That was it! I had nothing to wear this time around. Taylor was so sweet and planned an entire trip to go down and take me shopping. He arranged for us to stay with his dad's cousins Glenda and Randy. She was so sweet and offered to feed us all but 1 meal during our trip. I can honestly say, she made the trip possible for us. Taylor extended the invitation to his cute cousin Tacy and her husband Danny for a weekend party in Vegas!

I do believe the drive down south was the fastest I've ever experienced. Danny told stories for at least 2 hours of the trip. We were all crying and belly laughing. I don't think I have a single life story that is as funny as any one of his. Taylor brought his laptop and streamed internet through his phone to it.. ya, i know. It was so awesome. We got there late, ate dinner and spent time with our gracious hosts. Taylor and Danny spent hours out in the "man shop" out back. Randy has a workshop that would possibly compare with Santas. He made bombs for us, helped the boys cut some stretch Y key chains with his plasma cutter. Oh I can only dream of having a workshop like that someday. They had so many fun toys in their back yard as well. Zip line, spinning chairs, trampoline, spinning see-saw, and some kind of military tower with a gun [that's the best i can do with explaining it]. We had a blast and after enjoying a night of laughter and a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, we hit the sac. In the morning we headed to the Town Square shopping center. Might I add, the most beautiful outdoor mall I have ever been to.  They had every store imaginable. We hit H&M first of course. Taylor totally spoiled me. He carried arms full of clothing around the store for me and sat patiently in the dressing room while I tried everything on. He gave me thumbs up and thumbs down on all my outfits, fortunately we agreed on almost everything. I walked out of the dressing room with a pile I knew would pass my "budget" and laid it on a table. I looked through and pulled out 2 items I didn't love and Taylor scooped up the rest and walked to the cash register. I wanted to cry, seriously. He must really love me ;) The weather was so perfect, 70 degrees and sunny! My shopping was done so I just followed everyone else around to the other stores and enjoyed some sun on the benches outside. Taylor and I walked into AĆ©ropostale searching for Danny while Tacy was in a store across the street. He was at the cash register with 5 pairs of jeans! He looked like a child on christmas morning. His face was literally glowing. "$10 for a pair of JEANS!" He was actually giggling. He kept grabbing more things off the shelves. We would wait and laugh as he came out to show us all his outfits. He would walk out and look in the floor length mirror and amire his choices. Taylor and him were hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I caught Danny saying "I have never had so much fun shopping in my life" at least 3 times. That made my day, the boys having so much fun shopping. I didn't feel so guilty for dragging everyone to a mall for half of our vacation ;) We went to a restaurant called Claim Jumpers there at the outdoor mall. My new favorite restaurant. Danny, Tacy and I all got the Caesar Salad. Oh boy, it was to die for. Best Caesar Salad of my life. The chicken was perfect, the dressing was heavenly and it had cornbread croutons! They were amazing! We were all wiping the dressing off our plates. We headed back to Glenda and Randy's for dinner and some time with their kids. On our way back we were all talking about what we would do when we got back to the house Tacy said "I think I'll take a shower", Taylor said "I'm going to play in the backyard", I said "I'm going to curl my hair" and Danny said [no joke] "I'M GOING TO TRY ON ALL MY NEW CLOTHES!" The car exploded with laughter. I have never heard a man, especially as manly a man as Danny, say those words. We had delicious spaghetti and salad for dinner. We headed out for a trip to the Venetian to see the world famous production of "Phantom of the Opera". Gosh we were all freaking out as we drove there. I have wanted to see this broadway show since I was young. I love the music, and the movie. I couldn't wait. The show surpassed any of my expectations. From the beginning of the show I had goosebumps. The set was amazing. I still can't believe how realistic they made everything look. They did a fantastic job. The singing was so incredible. Even Taylor got teared up! Thank you to my incredibly sweet father-in-law for buying us tickets to go see the show of my dreams! We headed back on the strip after the show to the stratosphere. Taylor was dying to take Danny on the big shot and other rides. I, in my current state [pregnant], couldn't go on the rides. It was $16 just to ride to the top of the stratosphere, So I opted out and decided to stay at the bottom. Tacy was so sweet and stayed with me. We got a banana split from Ben and Jerry's to share. delicious. The boys had so much fun. They came back down laughing hysterically over the picture they got from the big shot. Taylor's face is priceless. The ride instructor told them to hold their hands out in front of them [not touching anything] and look straight up as they took off. Taylor described it as "I thought I was going to blast into outer space". His face in the picture totally reflected it. He looked terrified. We all had a good laugh over it. We headed back to the car and home where we all got in bed and fell asleep. Our trip home was filled with jokes and funny stories again. It was exactly what we had all been needing. A nice little break. The weather made me so sick for spring to come. I can't wait for the next few cold months to pass!













Thank you so much Taylor for the dream weekend getaway! Muah!



16 weeks

I can't believe I'll be half way there in 4 weeks! This pregnancy is flying! I love it by the way.

This week has been so busy. I love my sewing class, it is so much fun! It really makes the beginning of the week fly by. It's nice to have something to look forward to and get ready for [no I don't always get ready for the day]. I went in last Thursday for a quick heartbeat check with my nurse, she was so nice. Everything sounded good. It took a while to find that beautiful little sound, apparently I'm carrying really low right now. I have felt a few little flutters here and there this week, not very much movement. I can't wait for the motion to get stronger so I can feel it all the time. My appetite this last week has exploded. I have to have some kind of snack between meals and before I go to bed. I usually grab some fruit out of the fridge, the oranges are so good right now, and I got a good deal on pears last week. So my snacks have been delicious and just enough to hold me over between meals. Earlier this week I was feeling some "growth" down in my abdomen. My muscles were a little sore and I felt really bloated. I feel like I am starting to show a little now, but I look like I'm in that "looking fat not pregnant" stage. I am excited for that baby bump to get a little bigger. I still weigh less than I did before getting pregnant with Caden [yay for me!] only one more pound to go! The last 3 days I've had a head ache once a day. I took tylenol one day, but I just rode it out on the others. Hopefully they go away soon, I don't function well on a headache. I've been sleeping much better this week, still sleeping too much, I should start getting on a schedule and waking up earlier. It's just so stinkin hard!

Today is the big day! I'm really excited to see the baby on a "real" ultrasound machine. It seems so weird that they might be able to tell the gender of our baby already! I feel like I should be showing a lot more for them to be able to tell. Taylor, Caden and I are all going in this afternoon to have our little sneak peak! Caden keeps saying "dole" "dole" "dole". I dunno, I wouldn't be surprised to see another little boy in there. But I will be so happy either way. It's a bit strange to me how little I care what we are having. With Caden I was really kind of hoping for a girl, but after having him and knowing how much I love little boys.. I would be totally happy to have another one!

Having a girl... would be fun, new, and exciting. Of course I would love to have at least one of each (boy and girl), and I can't imagine life without a daughter. This would be the first girl on either side of the family! She would be the only girl in a group of boys, so she might feel left out until another one comes along. She would be so loved and oh so precious. I'm sure she would melt our hearts.

Having a boy... would be sweet, adorable, and practical. I love little boys and thanks to Caden and my four younger brothers, I already know lots about them! I especially love the thought of Caden having a brother to play with (I doubt a baby sister would too interested in playing "fumble" football and cars). It would also be great to have the chance to reuse all of Caden's clothes. They would be the exact same size and season in clothing. I already miss all of the stuff we've put away, not to mention we would save lots of money by not having to buy an entire second wardrobe.

All I really care about is having a healthy baby. I will post some of the ultrasound pictures in the next few days. Boy or Girl? I can't wait to find out!

Who wants to take a guess at the gender?
Caden is voting girl.



Christmas Day

Christmas day was something special this year. We spent our first Christmas Eve in our own beds. The magic candle worked like real magic, I still can't believe I finally know the secret. Oh, you should have seen Caden's face when the wick went out all by itself. He ran to unlock the front door so Santa could come in then bolted down the hall to his room and climbed in bed. With a 2 year old we still get a good night sleep, no waking up at 5:00 [like my family always did ;)]. We got up a little early, mostly because Taylor was too excited to sleep ;) but also to get the day rolling. We went in and told Caden that Santa had come and brought him some presents. His eyes were open and he was running down the hall before I could catch up. He rubbed his eyes and stood there for a while before he realized, there was his bike! The bike he had been hoping Santa would bring him! He was a little delirious at first but after we finished opening presents we couldn't get him off his bike.  Taylor and I splurged and bough ourselves a blueray player with wi-fi so we can stream netflix. I can't wait to watch movies and tv shows at the click of a button. It was so fun opening presents and spending the morning as our little family. Caden was so fun and excited.


This boy got spoiled.. really, I mean spoiled. I couldn't stop buying fun toys for him. He loved his dino flashlight and cute monkey from build-a-bear. He got an echo microphone and a harmonica. I hear him making his own kind of music every day. It is totally adorable.


Picture #1: the corner of the present is un-wrapped.. gasp.. I know what it is! ;)
Picture #2: totally corny cheeser face, and thrilled over his favorite movie.


After we finished breakfast at our house we headed down to my parents. We opened presents and played with toys. We were totally spoiled again. Caden got a way cool toy screw and drill set. A truck, airplane and race car that are all held together by screws and the electric screwdriver to take them apart and put them together. He was taking the screws out before I even had them out of the packaging. He also got a very cool hotwheels tricycle. He calls this his "other bike" or "motorcycle". Since he really won't be able to enjoy his bike from us until it starts warming up this is definitely his favorite bike. He sits and watches movies on it, puts all his stuffed animals on it and takes them for rides. It has lots of cool buttons and sound effects, he loves it! My parents bought me a very nice juicer.. I can't say enough good about it. We have loved using it to make fresh juice and mixing any vegetable and fruit we can think of. It is heaven. Taylor got some new video games that he's been dying to have. We were totally spoiled! We were so excited to get to talk to my brother Lane in Lithuania. His time limit was 45 min on the phone.. but it quickly turned to an hour and a half. It was so good to hear his voice, let him talk to Caden. Hear him laugh. We sure do miss him, his 1 year mark is coming up this thursday! I can't wait to see him in a year!

We finally got to spill the beans to my siblings about baby #2 on the way. I hand stitched the words "uncle of 2" or "auntie of 2" on a shirt for each of them. They all took a long time to figure it out. I wrapped their t-shirts with another small present and they were all staring at the "other" present before they looked at their shirt. Ben was the first to read his. He was totally oblivious and said "Cool, Thanks" and put the shirt back down. Then when Rachel and Jarom read theirs they started freaking out. Ben and Nanny were so confused. Once we explained it to them they got really excited too. Apparently Rachel and Jarom both "knew" I was pregnant. Me falling asleep on the couch and my mom's occasional slips were enough to clue them in. I was expecting that Rachel had figured it out, but I was surprised that Jarom was also suspicious. My grandparents came down just before we were going to leave to Taylor's house, so we got to tell them as well. My grandma was so happy and excited, she said "I've been waiting for this news!" I think everyone was. It was so exciting to let them all in on our exciting little addition.




After we finally got done with our phone conversation with my brother we headed up to Taylors parents. I really am so grateful that we can live so close to both of our families. It was so fun to be able to spend time with the people we love most. My mother-in-law packed each of us a cute stocking with presents. Caden was so excited to open another sock full of goodies. He got so many fun things, tie-dye jammies (i am absolutely in love with), mega legos, cute books and puzzles. He was so spoiled. Taylor and I were both spoiled beyond expectation. Taylor got a nice wool dress coat and new luggage which he desperately needs for traveling. I got, probably the coolest toy of the day. A dyson vacuum! And a beautiful wall cubby organizer. I am still dying to get it put on the wall in our family room! I also got.. well, I should say "we".. but technically my father-in-law said it was for me. A gun. Yes, I said a gun. I opened the box and shut it really quickly after I got a peak inside. A gun! Are you serious? It was an unexpected and slightly (scary) shocking gift ;) Taylor pulled it out for me and he showed me all the cool features. My Father-in-law felt it was important for me to have a way to protect myself and my kids if the situation ever came along. I really am grateful for this gift, I will feel much more at peace when Taylor is away and I have a weapon. Now, I just need to get to the shooting range and learn how to use it ;)

Once we started opening presents under the tree Taylor and I both got really anxious for them to open the "big surprise". I stitched "the spoiling begins in... 6 months" across the front of a newborn onesie for them to open. We timed it just about perfect and had Bret and Ingrid open it together after most of the presents were done. Triest and Ross and Grandma and Grandpa were all there. They were all so excited once they read the onesie, I think they were all pretty surprised too. I don't know that any of them were suspicious of me being pregnant.. at least not 3 months along! Caden told them all when the baby was coming on "Duwy fowst"! This will be grandbaby #5, what do you know, my lucky number! It will be so fun to see this family grow and watch all the cousins get together and play.

Caden got some new movies that he sat and stared at for, not kidding, at least 15 minutes. He was so anxious to get the plastic wrap off "How to Train Your Dragon" which has actually been the movie he prefers over "Toy Story 3". It is so nice to have some new movies for our collection. He also got some Buzz Lightyear rain boots. He loved them from the second the wrapping paper was off. He will wear these after he gets out of the tub, while he's watching movies, and I've even caught him in his bed with them on in the morning. What can I say, he loves Buzz. Caden was so excited to give Poppy his christmas present, I have pictures from when we made it I need to post. We went to Color Me Mine and made him a BYU candy bowl for his office.The inside has Caden's little hand prints all over and the outside looks like a football helmet . It turned out really cute and Caden was really excited to give him our little creation.




[some of our fabulous gifts]




I had to post a picture because I was totally blown away. After cleaning up from Christmas I couldn't wait to get our new vacuum out and suck up all the dirt. I didn't realize how much dirt there was to actually suck up! The canister was to the "max" fill line after I had vacuumed the hall and our bedroom. No Joke. Taylor and I were both shocked. Our old vacuum must have really needed replacing ;) This thing even does hard floors and It actually does a better job than my broom (goodbye mr. broom). I have become somewhat of a vacuum maniac over the last 2 weeks. I mean, vacuuming has always been my favorite chore, but now I love it so much more!


Chrismas was so wonderful. I can't even thank everyone enough for all the wonderful gifts we recieved. We are so blessed. Blessed to have wonderful family and friends to share this time of year with. Blessed to be having another baby. Blessed to have the gospel. Blessed to have our Savior. 

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Baby Bump [no. 2]

A few days after I found out we were pregnant I decided I wanted to keep some kind of journal through this pregnancy. With Caden I didn't have a blog, I never wrote in my journal and the only record I have of things that happened during pregnancy were a few emails I had sent to friends. I try to recall when this or that happened during my first pregnancy and I can hardly remember. It was only three years ago, but remembering specifics has become a challenge! This time around I want to remember everything. I want something for my kids to read. So when my girls ask me how my pregnancy's were, I can tell them. I've made an entry every week and a few extras here and there. I have included all my belly shots, all the ultrasound pictures and lots of other fun pregnancy info on the blog! I also have the information about the cleanse I did, our nursery, my delivery story with Caden and other random info as well.

I don't really want my pregnancy experience to take over this blog and replace all the other things that are happening in our life. So I wanted to invite anyone who is interested to read my baby bump blog. I have it set to private, so leave me your email address in the comments below and I will add you to read! The blog is: 

[of course I will still add some pictures and updates on this blog, it just won't be as often or detailed as the baby bump blog!]


To My Man

Three years has brought us:

94,670,777.9 seconds • 1,577,846.3 minutes • 1095 days • 1 1/3 Pregnancies • 1 handsome boy and 1 baby on the way • 3 cities • 1 state • 1 home of our own • 4 cars (I still miss your truck!) • 3 football seasons • 4 jobs • 1 broken foot • 4 stitches • 0 pets • 1 grandparent's funeral • 1 siblings wedding • 1 missionary farewell • 2 airplane trips together • 1 visit out of the country • hundreds of movies • 148 episodes of house (we have some catching up to do!) • a million hugs and kisses • and lots of love and happiness.

You make me laugh and smile every day. You are my best friend, I am so glad I get to share every day with you. You have made me a better person and helped me grow. You are the best daddy and an amazing leader in our home. I love you. I am so glad we get to be together forever. Happy Anniversary Lover Boy!