16 weeks

I can't believe I'll be half way there in 4 weeks! This pregnancy is flying! I love it by the way.

This week has been so busy. I love my sewing class, it is so much fun! It really makes the beginning of the week fly by. It's nice to have something to look forward to and get ready for [no I don't always get ready for the day]. I went in last Thursday for a quick heartbeat check with my nurse, she was so nice. Everything sounded good. It took a while to find that beautiful little sound, apparently I'm carrying really low right now. I have felt a few little flutters here and there this week, not very much movement. I can't wait for the motion to get stronger so I can feel it all the time. My appetite this last week has exploded. I have to have some kind of snack between meals and before I go to bed. I usually grab some fruit out of the fridge, the oranges are so good right now, and I got a good deal on pears last week. So my snacks have been delicious and just enough to hold me over between meals. Earlier this week I was feeling some "growth" down in my abdomen. My muscles were a little sore and I felt really bloated. I feel like I am starting to show a little now, but I look like I'm in that "looking fat not pregnant" stage. I am excited for that baby bump to get a little bigger. I still weigh less than I did before getting pregnant with Caden [yay for me!] only one more pound to go! The last 3 days I've had a head ache once a day. I took tylenol one day, but I just rode it out on the others. Hopefully they go away soon, I don't function well on a headache. I've been sleeping much better this week, still sleeping too much, I should start getting on a schedule and waking up earlier. It's just so stinkin hard!

Today is the big day! I'm really excited to see the baby on a "real" ultrasound machine. It seems so weird that they might be able to tell the gender of our baby already! I feel like I should be showing a lot more for them to be able to tell. Taylor, Caden and I are all going in this afternoon to have our little sneak peak! Caden keeps saying "dole" "dole" "dole". I dunno, I wouldn't be surprised to see another little boy in there. But I will be so happy either way. It's a bit strange to me how little I care what we are having. With Caden I was really kind of hoping for a girl, but after having him and knowing how much I love little boys.. I would be totally happy to have another one!

Having a girl... would be fun, new, and exciting. Of course I would love to have at least one of each (boy and girl), and I can't imagine life without a daughter. This would be the first girl on either side of the family! She would be the only girl in a group of boys, so she might feel left out until another one comes along. She would be so loved and oh so precious. I'm sure she would melt our hearts.

Having a boy... would be sweet, adorable, and practical. I love little boys and thanks to Caden and my four younger brothers, I already know lots about them! I especially love the thought of Caden having a brother to play with (I doubt a baby sister would too interested in playing "fumble" football and cars). It would also be great to have the chance to reuse all of Caden's clothes. They would be the exact same size and season in clothing. I already miss all of the stuff we've put away, not to mention we would save lots of money by not having to buy an entire second wardrobe.

All I really care about is having a healthy baby. I will post some of the ultrasound pictures in the next few days. Boy or Girl? I can't wait to find out!

Who wants to take a guess at the gender?
Caden is voting girl.


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