Baby Bump [no. 2]

A few days after I found out we were pregnant I decided I wanted to keep some kind of journal through this pregnancy. With Caden I didn't have a blog, I never wrote in my journal and the only record I have of things that happened during pregnancy were a few emails I had sent to friends. I try to recall when this or that happened during my first pregnancy and I can hardly remember. It was only three years ago, but remembering specifics has become a challenge! This time around I want to remember everything. I want something for my kids to read. So when my girls ask me how my pregnancy's were, I can tell them. I've made an entry every week and a few extras here and there. I have included all my belly shots, all the ultrasound pictures and lots of other fun pregnancy info on the blog! I also have the information about the cleanse I did, our nursery, my delivery story with Caden and other random info as well.

I don't really want my pregnancy experience to take over this blog and replace all the other things that are happening in our life. So I wanted to invite anyone who is interested to read my baby bump blog. I have it set to private, so leave me your email address in the comments below and I will add you to read! The blog is: 

[of course I will still add some pictures and updates on this blog, it just won't be as often or detailed as the baby bump blog!]

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