a "BIG" difference ;)

I was glancing back through my old pictures of when I was pregnant with Caden. Unfortunately I didn't take very many and they were all "phone pictures", but at least I have the ones I do. My weight gain goals for this pregnancy are pretty lofty. I can't lose weight while I'm nursing, so I can't gain as much weight this go around or I won't be very motivated to nurse. I gained almost 45 lbs with Caden. yikes. I know. Really that was not healthy, but I honestly felt like I couldn't control it. That was my excuse. I am feeling more and more like my limit of 25 lbs wight gain this pregnancy is something I can do. This time around I have proven to myself that I can control my weight. Here's the proof!

[20 weeks with Caden]

[20 weeks with baby no. 2]

We'll have to see if I can keep it up!


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