Half Way!

yay! I'm so happy! Life has been a whirlwind since we found out #2 was on the way. Can every pregnancy please be like this. I feel so blessed. I'm healthy, I feel great, Baby girl is perfect. How am I so blessed?

We got tons of projects done this last week! Finished the dresser and got it home. I cleaned out the entire 3rd bedroom. Painted the ladder for the bunk bed. Installed a shelf in the closet for extra storage. Went through all of Caden's newborn clothes and pulled out the gender neutral ones. Washed all those clothes and the bags of clothes I had from Kid to Kid. Whew. What a busy week. It feels good though. We are gearing up for Valentines day, making lots of yummy treats. I can't believe we're almost half way through February! Spring will be here before we know it! Baby girl is moving so much, she still hates anything tight on my stomach. She kicks and wiggles anytime I am bending over or my waistband is cutting into me. I love feeling her move so much. Caden felt her for the first time this week. He was pretty excited. Every day he pats my tummy and says "cute baby" and cups his hands out in front of him gesturing that he want's to hold her. He is going to be such a good big brother to her. Pregnancy symptoms have been nothing too different. I had a weird pain in my side again on Sunday. This time the only thing that made it go away was standing up. It took 30-45 minutes for it to go away. I asked my doctor about it yesterday and he says it is my rectus muscle stretching. It is usually triggered by changing positions too quickly. Nothing I can do about it except moving a little slower. Other than that, I am really feeling great. I am still able to sleep mostly on my stomach, what a blessing. I am getting a great night sleep every night. I rarely have to wake up to use the bathroom. I am looking fat still. I really don't feel like I have that defined baby bump yet. I'm ok with that, the baby is growing fine, I have 20 more weeks to have a real baby bump.

The 20 week ultrasound went great. I have been so anxious to know that my little girl is growing properly. I asked a lot of questions and had the ultrasound tech show me a lot of things and check certain things. Her brain, heart, and stomach are all working perfectly. Her umbilical cord is attached well. She doesn't have cleft lip. She has 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot. She has cute little ears and nose. Her profile is adorable. She looks so perfect. What a little miracle. I loved watching her move and wiggle. She was doing flips the entire time, the ultrasound tech kept begging her to hold still ;). They burned a DVD for us which is so nice to have! I love this clinic. Have I said that already? They are so great.

20 weeks till I get to hold you, sweet baby girl. I already love you so much!


twenty week ultrasound

 View from the top of her head, you can see her little ear sticking off the head!
 These are for me. She has the CUTEST little feet!

Waving with her left hand ;)
The whole leg and foot
 The lower legs, the little bones amaze me
My sweet baby girl

Isn't she beautiful?


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