Needing Opinions

I don't know if anyone out there still reads this, I get a few comments here and there. I know I've totally been slacking on this blog. I have so much to catch up on and It is so overwhelming that I just put it off completely! sad, I know :( For those of you who still read I could really use some opinions!

We have taken some huge leaps forward with Caden. Potty training and bedroom change in one week has gone over so smoothly! Now I'm ready to start working on the nursery! I can't wait to post all the fun projects I have going up in baby girl's new room. I am having an impossible time deciding what to do for bedding in the crib! help! I want to make a cute mini duvet cover for a little crib comforter I got. What to make!?! I am all decided on the bumper pads and crib skirt, even the pillows! I just can't seem to make up my mind on the duvet. I am in love with all of the following:

 I love them all. Both of the Urban Outfitter Duvet covers are so dreamy. I love how simple the Layla Grace comforter is. It might be nice to have a simple duvet and more decorative pillows. And I just love the knotted rosette cover. See my dilemma? I can't choose. I could really use some opinions!

Which one do you like most?

The skirt will be white and lightly gathered and probably made of linen so it flows nicely. The crib sheets will be white. The bumper pads will be big and round, you know balloon bumper pads, in either teal or white. The pillows will all be different and girly: flowers, bows, ruffles.. you get the idea, In all different shades of teal.  

and click HERE to see the nursery as it is now {minus all the cute little girly things I've added}
 That should help in placing the duvet ;)


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