sleepin' in style

This boy is growing up too fast on me. Of all the rewards he could have gotten for potty training he chose sunglasses. Of course he looks killer cute in any pair of shades, just like his daddy ;) He chose a pair of blue aviators (possibly from the coaxing and compliments we kept giving him) and looks like a total stud whenever they're on. With all the driving school has brought me we spend a lot of time in the car. First thing when we get in he asks me to hand him his glasses. Most of the time he falls asleep with them on and ends up with big red aviator lines all over his face. I had to take a picture because I laugh every time I see this in my rear view mirror.

At least he's sleepin' in style ;)

lara this a joke?

So we all know my weakness during pregnancy right? Sugar. Yes anything sugary, sweet, delicious. Problem is... I can't just indulge my cravings! My weight gain limit is going to come sooner than I know it and then what?

So this last week Taylor came home from work with a bag. Acting very strange, he tried to keep the bag behind his back and sneak past me in the kitchen. He opened the fridge and filled the doorway so that I couldn't see what he was doing.. and next thing I know there was an empty bag going in the trash. What does he think I'm going to do? Of course I headed over to the fridge and start looking top to bottom to see what he was hiding. But he did a good job, I couldn't find it. Next morning I was making waffles with Caden and needed the whole wheat flour out of the back of the fridge. There it was sitting on top.. 3 boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies! Is this some kind of a joke!?! It almost killed me to keep from ripping the top off a box and start eating. When Taylor came home for lunch we totally cracked into a box.. and man oh man. It was like heaven. I ate a few cookies then my man came out with the "nutritional facts". Way to kill the enjoyment. Do you know how many calories those cookies have? 4 cookies  = 160 calories. 6 grams of saturated fat and 11 grams of sugar. BABE! What were you thinking? Therefore I can't eat these cookies. He's done it again. Finding some way or something that prevents me from enjoying his favorite treats ;)

Not. Fair.