30 week update

This last week has gone by so fast. Last week I got so much accomplished and it feels great!

I finished cleaning and organizing our garage, and I must say.. it looks fantastic! Taylor was shocked when he came home and everything was moved and cleaned. The weather was nice last weekend, Saturday was so beautiful. We attended, probably, the saddest funeral I've ever been to. Randy Stout, Taylor's high school lacrosse coach passed away from an unexpected heart attack earlier in the week. He left his wife and kids behind, one of them is Taylor's good friend. Pregnancy hormones + Terribly sad funeral = lots of tears. I feel so bad for the loss of that family. I headed straight from the funeral to take my written final at BYU. I barely studied, I tried to spend a few minutes before it started out in the hall going over notes. It was a pretty easy test and only took about half an hour. Walking out of the building felt great! 60 degrees, sunny day.. and school is done! Taylor met up with me in Orem to get a new phone afterward. He got one of the new Android phones and I took his old one. We took Caden to the park and had a picnic and played on the swings and slides. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to do that every day, PLUS go swimming. I really can't wait for that! After we got home Taylor and I sat and played on our new phones for most of the night setting them up and learning how to use them. No wonder everyone love's smart phones so much.. They are AWESOME! I seriously LOVE my phone (i don't think I've ever said that before).

The weather decided to go rainy again on Sunday and it's been cloudy and rainy every day since. I'm looking forward to some nice days in May. My best friend finished her last final EVER on Tuesday and is graduating today! I couldn't be more thrilled. I think I may have been more excited for her to be done with school than I was! We have spent every day talking about baby projects on our lists and doing research to crack the secrets behind expensive baby clothing and blankets. Oh we are going to make so many cute things! It is so fun being pregnant at the same time as your best friend. I just can't wait to find out what she is having! Only 2 more weeks!

I had my hair done on Monday and man.. I feel like a new woman! It is so blonde and so pretty, she trimmed all my ends and it is looking so healthy. We went over ways to help my hair grow faster and keeping it healthy. She was so sweet and gave me an entire bottle of deep condition formula AND she had me come in to her salon for a deep condition treatment last night! Gosh I'm spoiled.. THANK YOU kins! I have been doing tons of research on hair treatments to restore it's health and keep it strong. Maybe if you're lucky I'll share what I've learned.. just maybe (as soon as I have time).

Pregnancy has been great this week I had 2 nights where my belly was hard as a rock and I couldn't eat hardly anything. Everything needs to stretch.. cause baby girl needs more room. She is still so active. Caden sat and watched her move one day on the couch. She was kicking so fast and hard, she actually started kicking right under my belly button and every time she kicked I got an outie. haha. Caden was laughing hysterically. He thinks she is coming out of my belly button.. so as soon as she started kicking it he said "baby isher comin out, hold her?". I keep telling him when it gets hot outside and we start going to the swimming pool then baby sister will come out. He seem so excited to have a baby to hold and love. Sleeping has been good this week. I've found ways to stay very comfortable. My measurement today definitely tell me that my belly is stretching and getting bigger. A whole inch! wow little girl. You must be getting big in there! 3/4 of the way done! Only 10 weeks left!


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