Finals are here! Can you believe how fast this semester went? I am still in dis belief that April is half over! I took my practical final on Thursday, basically they gave us a pattern part and said "sew it". It was so much easier than I was anticipating. This sewing class has been so great. I have learned so much, mostly about basics and improving on my skills, but I can tell you this.. The stuff I sew now is so much better quality. I have bags and bags of sewing projects to be done before baby gets here! I take my written final on Saturday.. then I'm DONE! I hate tests, seriously they take it out of me! This class has been so nice to never have homework or have to study for a quiz or test. I'm considering not studying for the final this weekend.. Even If I get 50% on the test, I should still get a B+ in the class. And It's sunny and warm outside! I wanna take Caden to the park and Hee Haws for Spring Fling! Plus.. Studying is boring! Maybe just a quick review before the test on Saturday will cut it ;)

We are finishing organizing our garage today! Our house is totally deep cleaned, organized and purged! I'm almost done with school, and the sun is shining! The next 11 weeks will be filled with tons of projects, lazy days at the pool and getting ready for Sister to arrive!

I have lots of posts to come. New and Old!


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