and the winner is....

du du du DAH! 

Wouldn't you know.. I choose one that I don't even ask anyone's opinion on.. Sheesh. I found this last minute and I knew I had found my bag. Here's my reasoning. This bag is seriously the best bright color ever. It really goes with everything. I have a mustard yellow bag and It is falling apart from how much I use it. I know this is a good color choice for me. I love the longer fabric shoulder straps on this bag, and the removable messenger strap. This will fit so much better under my arm, and if it happens to be overflowing with blankets and books [definitely will happen] I know I'll have room to still pull the straps over my shoulder. If I want to take off that messenger strap then I have 2 nice D rings that I can clip a pacifier pouch and keys to. It is nice and deep and has great pockets on both sides of the inner bag. It is practically perfect. AND the inside is purple! Hooray for more color! The consensus from the post below is definitely favoring bag #2. That would have been my top pick out of all those bags. Once I have a little bit of extra money to spend I will most definitely be getting that bag as well. My only problem with it is the straps.. For a diaper bag, I just think it might be a little too close to my under arm to stay on my shoulder. I am seriously in love though.. Maybe a good birthday present? We'll see!

Today was the start of some FANTASTIC sewing projects. I know.. I need to post pictures. And my pile of "to dos" is slowly turning to "dones".
I am feeling a little relief. 

Check me out over here tomorrow! Cute and easy tutorial you'll love!


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