Diaper Bag Love

July 1st is fast approaching! I have been finishing things here and there. The nursery is still underway, but I'm making progress. I have a million felt flowers, half made, half cut.. sitting in a bowl with no clips attached. So I still have a lot of work to do. As I have been looking over my "to do list" I am realizing most of the things I need and want to make are all going in one special bag. The Diaper Bag! Yikes and I don't even have one! I've spent the last several days doing some searching and have come across quite an assortment of bags that are all pretty smashing! My problem is... well, I can't decide! This is my mothers day present and Taylor is begging me to make a decision. HA. Good Luck ME! So I need some help. I obviously love the bags on the top row.. but color choice is hard for me. I have a mustard yellow bag that I love (it goes with everything), I am in love with the stripes and Black is so classy! Plus I have 6 other fabulous bags that I keep going back and forth between. So give me some opinions! Which one is your absolute favorite? Cause this mommy can't decide!

diaper bag love

Which one... which one..

If you want to see the insides of these bags visit my Pinterest and click on the bag, then wait for it to come up on its own page, then click on it again and it should take you to the etsy store I found it at. The etsy stores have lots of other pictures as well.

Thanks for your help Ladies!


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