Graduate A

The end of May. This has to be one of my favorite times of year. The snow is gone, the rain is {almost} gone, and it's warm enough to forget about the jacket! Summer is just around the corner. The kids are getting out of school. Let the fun begin!

I can hardly believe it's been five years since I graduated. Had someone asked me 5 years ago where I would be today.. My answer would have been completely different than where my life has taken me. A husband, 2 kids, a house. I never would have dreamed this is where I would be. Life is so much better than I could have expected. It was hard to believe Lane was graduating 3 years ago, and now watching my little sister walk in cap and gown was somewhat surreal. This girl is going places. She is so smart and funny. BYU broadcasting department is banging down her door to give her a job. She's going to find some lucky guy and hopefully give me a few nieces and nephews... ok, maybe not in the "near" future.. but I can dream, right?

This was the day Lane graduated. I can't believe all the changes 3 years has brought.

Some things have stayed the same and others have drastically changed: Jarom is now towering over me. Ben is almost as tall as Me and Rachel. Taylor now looks like a man instead of a scrawny boy ;) sorry babe.. you know you look a little shrimpy in that picture. Caden is almost as big as nanny was.. almost ;). My brothers are all getting so handsome! My pregnant body is looking much better this time around. There is only a 3 week difference in how far a long I am/was in these pictures. 35 weeks now, 32 weeks then... funny how that worked out. Rachel's hair somehow ended up being about the same length. And none of us can wait for Lane to get back home at the end of this year!


Oh, the goofy picture..


Graduate A! My mom made her a $100 lei + a candy lei, and Caden and I made her a $20.11 lei. It looked like she has a boa constrictor around her neck! Everyone was touching her money as she walked past, haha. Spoiled little girl! 


Caden scooped up Auntie A's violin as soon as the orchestra was done playing for the ceremony. He wanted to carry it everywhere for her. While I was taking some pictures of her and her friends he tugged on my shirt and said "Mommy ook at me! I BIG STRONG!" haha. This case was almost as big as him so he thought he was pretty tough to be carrying it around.


I love these pictures of her. She is such a doll. Another Leishman Graduate! Congratulations Sista!
Rachel's Graduation Announcement FINAL2

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