Little Miss is Coming Soon!

Just thought I'd throw up a little update! I know I've been slacking and it makes me sad that I haven't been keeping better journal of what has been happening the last several months. Life has been good. We have stayed super busy. We are loving the sun and warm weather, I'm so glad the rain is gone! We still haven't been swimming yet, but this week is supposed to have several days in the high 80s! I want to go enjoy the pool a few times before little miss gets here. The nursery is finally done. My projects are all done.. of course I still have a million projects I'd like to do, but they can wait till after baby is here. I have everything critical done and it feels like a giant weight off my shoulders. This Thursday I will be 39 weeks! I can't believe it. I definitely don't feel like I'm that far along. I still feel great, the little old ladies on the bottom of our building think I'm insane for carrying groceries and Caden up the stairs every few days. My goal this pregnancy has really been to "not limit myself" just because I'm pregnant. I feel like I still have tons of energy for how far along I am. I am so grateful for a good night sleep every night. I really have been so so blessed this pregnancy. 

This week my to do list is a little more fun than stressful:

Stocking the Cupboards
Freezer Meals
Dr. Appointment
Pack Hospital Bags
Last Minute Cleaning

It is exciting thinking we are only 10 days away from my due date! I still don't think I am completely mentally prepared for another baby. I am so excited to see her and hold her, until that moment.. I don't think it is going to be completely real to me. Taylor has definitely been going through more anxious waiting than I have. Every night he just goes crazy telling me he CAN'T WAIT! literally, can't wait.. like he's gonna squeeze her out of me. He melts my heart talking about his baby girl. I know he is going to be the sweetest daddy to her. She already loves him. He will sit and talk to her at night and she just kicks and kicks his face. EVERY time. She can be completely still and the second she hears his voice.. BAM! She is all over him. I hope she is a daddy's girl for his sake, Caden has been such a mama's boy and I love it. Taylor needs a turn to feel that.

At my appointment last week I was 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced. The doctor is really happy with everything. My weight gain still hasn't met my goal. The baby is facing the right way and her head is really low. I am having tons of braxton hicks, some days more than others. I am already dilated more than I was when I was induced with Caden. The progress is so comforting to me. I am really hoping to go into labor on my own. I am not worried about having an enormous baby. The doctor says she is just over 6 lbs right now and doesn't expect her to break 7 lbs. I am trying to have faith that my body will go into labor on it's own before I am a week late. I am nervous that after that point she might get stress like Caden and I really don't want to have to go through an emergency procedure again. If she hasn't come by the 7th of July I will most likely get induced. But I'm keeping my chin up and my fingers crossed! I'm kind of thinking she might be a 4th of July baby......... my dreams have had lots of hospital rooms filled with sparklers since I'm missing the celebration outside. haha. Oh I hope for her sake her birthday doesn't land right on the holiday. We'll see. I am so so excited to see her. 

I'll add another update after my appointment this Thursday. Hopefully nothing but good news will come!

I've been searching for a cheap little swim suit for baby girl. I finally found the one! Kid to Kid is amazing. Love shopping there for my kids. I always find the cutest things. 

here's the suit

and here's a totally adorable dress! oh the day she comes home from the hospital is gonna be fun!



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