4th of July

On the 2nd Taylor took Caden went with his family to the Stadium of Fire. Since I had to miss out on all the fun, Taylor ordered me take out from Olive Garden [yumm] and I spent the night at home watching a movie with the babe.They had a really great time and got to see Brad Paisley and David Archuleta perform. Caden got his hair spray painted like a flag, which looked very cool ;). The fireworks were the talk of the weekend from my little man. He tells me he loves fireworks. Those yearly illegals could get dangerous with my boys around. Watch out mimi and poppy.

We weren't up for doing too much on the 4th this year. Brynn was almost 2 weeks old and life was pretty much back to normal. It was nice that Taylor had so much time off work at the beginning. I really enjoyed having him home. A family in Taylor's parents ward has a yearly BBQ/Pool Party every year on the 4th. They invited us to come join them. It was nice to be close to home and just relax. Caden loved the water. It was really overcast and kind of cool so his teeth were chattering in no time, but he did not want to get out of the water. He swam with daddy and blasted everyone with the water gun. He had a great time.





We headed up to Mimi and Poppy's house after the party to join Triest and Ross. Grandma and Grandpa got to see Brynn for the first time! We hung around and chatted. Then they pulled out the sparklers and snap pop things.. I don't know what they're actually called. Ross lit off some fountain fireworks and some other fun things. We had to make sure Caden and Gabe didn't catch each other on fire with the sparklers ;).




I'm kicking myself for not taking any pictures of Brynnley! Sorry baby girl. I think I was just not used to taking pictures of another child. Bummer. She looked so cute. I had her dressed up in a cute red smocked romper with a white flower on her head and she sported her first set of red painted toe nails. She was a doll.

When we got home that night we watched fireworks all across the valley from our deck.
It was a very happy 4th of July.


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