Flower Baby

I had to write this down. Some things are just a little too funny to let myself forget.

Over the years I have come to really truly love my grandmother. As a child I remember helping her in the kitchen and working in the yard. She taught me so many good life skills. I also remember being scolded. Forced to drink all the milk off my cereal, or eat every last bite off my plate. It didn't matter that I didn't like spaghetti squash, watermelon rind juice, cottage cheese beat smoothies.. etc. I had to eat it. There was always a little bit of resentment in my younger days.. can you blame me? ;) She has become so funny to me over the last several years. Her way of life is so much from the past. The things she says and does seriously make me want to laugh out loud. I have so many stories I could tell. 

Her and my Grandpa were headed down to Orem about 2 weeks ago and decided to stop by so they could see Brynnley. Caden immediately grabbed my Grandpas hand and forced him to play all sorts of games. My grandma sat on the couch and chatted with me while she held the baby. She used to be an OB nurse, so her love for babies runs deep. She just ooed and awed over little Brynn.. I wonder where my mom gets her baby talk from.....? She didn't like that I had painted her toe nails black, haha. She just told me yesterday at Caden's birthday party that the peach color I had on her toes was much better than the black. She held her for a long time and when they were just about to leave she gasped and looked at me. "Do you know what she looks like?" I was expecting something.. very.... well something only Grandma would say.. "She looks like one of those flower babies! She is so beautiful, she looks just like those sweet little flower babies." I smiled, trying not to explode with laughter. When they walked out the door I couldn't keep from chuckling. Ah, Grandma I love you.

The only reason I even know what the "flower babies" are.. Is from my old pediatrician's office. They have Anne Geddes photos hanging in every room. Most of them were the older style, totally cheesy, babies dressed in flower suits. Anne Geddes does have some really incredible photos that are very artistic.. but the ones that came to mind made me laugh.




So little Brynn, I want you to know that your Great Grandma thinks you are absolutely beautiful.

and she thinks you look like a flower baby.
which I'm sure was meant to be a compliment ;)


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