Life with a Newborn

{First Bath}

We waited patiently that first week for Brynnley's belly button plug to fall off. I only had to give her one sponge bath, thankfully. I hate listening to those whimpering cries of a cold baby. When she was 9 days old I just changed her clothes and diaper, I decided to put pants and a shirt on her so her belly button could be better exposed to air. I sat down to feed her right after. She was sitting in my lap and as she ran her hand from her side up by her head she grabbed hold of her belly button plug and yanked it out! I freaked out for a second. The doctor said don't pull it out even if it's hanging on by a thread. It had only been hanging on by a thread, but it still scared me half to death. I had to pry the plug from her tight little fist. I guess she was sick of it ;). It was a little weepy and bloody for a couple of days. It was a happy day when we finally got to give her a real bath! She loved having warm water poured over her belly. She loves to lay in the tub. I save the hair washing for the very end, she still doesn't like that very much. I have loved using coconut oil on her, after baths. It makes her skin so soft and it smells so good. Plus it's all natural and much better for a newborn. She loves to be rubbed down and massaged. 
Spoiled little girl.


{Tummy Time}

She spends lots of cuddly tummy time on her daddy's chest after work. He loves to snuggle his sweet little girl. It melts my heart how much he loves her. She is his precious little girl.


{Love and Kisses}

Caden wants to hold his sister first thing every morning when she wakes up. It took me a little while to feel totally comfortable with him holding her by himself. He does such a good job now. He loves his baby sister so much. He hugs and kisses her all day long. He is very gentle and I haven't had to worry about him "loving" her too hard. Whenever she whimpers or cries he is right at her side kissing her and giving her a binky. He thinks kisses make everything better, and most of the time they do. He is a very proud big brother. He constantly tells me she is "so cute".



I give her my fair share of kisses too. Her cheeks and lips are so irresistible!


Laying her alone on the bed or couch never lasts long... Caden is by her side in a matter of minutes to cuddle with her.


I just love this picture.



It really isn't fair how big Caden seemed to me once we got home. He was not my baby anymore. In fact.. He tells me he is a man every day. I'll tell him he's such a good boy, or thank him for being a big helper.. and he will reply with "I a MAN mommy". He has become extremely independent. He wants to do almost everything on his own. He never asks for any help when he goes to the bathroom now. He wants to wipe himself.. which sometimes doesn't turn out so well. He has to completely undress himself while he is sitting on the toilet. Side story: *When Taylor was a little boy his kindergarten teacher sent him home with a note one week requesting that his parents teach him to keep his clothes on while he goes to the bathroom. He apparently liked to completely undress himself even in a public setting.* I wonder where Caden gets it from. After minutes of begging him to put some clothes back on he will usually end up with just his underwear on. They are never on the right way. They are always inside out and backwards. No matter how many times we explain the right way to put them on.. he doesn't get it. Or maybe he just prefers them this way ;)



She sleeps like a little angle. Once her tummy is full and she's all swaddled up she will sleep 4-5 hours straight at night . I usually only wake up with her once or twice. She still sleeps a lot during the day, but she is starting to stay awake for longer periods. Her and Caden have been taking naps at the same time in the afternoon. It has been so nice for me to either get things done or lay down for a while. 

She has the sweetest sleeping face I've ever seen.


I just love having a newborn around again


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