My Little {BIG} Boy

Caden is officially 18 months old as of yesterday! Can you believe it?

I feel like I am losing my baby as every day passes. It breaks my heart! He is speaking more and more, I am amazed at the words he is picking up. He recently started saying "Gator".. this is his nick name from Triest and Poppy. He is saying doctor, kitty, juice, no, yes, snow, truck, nana (banana), poopoo, duck, dog, apple and lots of others that aren't coming to mind. He understands some of his colors: mostly blue (of course), yellow, green and red. I can see him learning and growing every day.

We went to his 18 month check up yesterday. The doctor said he is far beyond most 18 month old children in physical abilities: kicking and throwing a ball across the room, wrestling daddy (as well as a baby can), doing "down, set, hike!" and running or throwing the football, running like a mad man, picking up a ball with a short lacrosse stick and throwing it, loading and shooting nerf guns... etc. When he asked how many words Caden is saying I turned and asked Caden to say "doctor". He pointed  at the doctor and squeeled "DOC!" {shocking}. He had been so quiet during the visit that it got both of us laughing out of surprise. He said Caden is right on track with speaking! One of our goals for this year is to have Caden speaking fairly well by his 2nd birthday {wish us luck}. One of the questions the doctor asked kind of surprised me.. He asked if Caden immitates Me and Taylor? To this I can definitely answer YES!!! This little boy is in love with, no, OBSESSED with vacuuming. It's a dream come true for any mother. I clean and he vacuums {bliss}. Every morning after he is fed and dressed he runs into my bathroom and plugs in my hair dryer so he can blow his hair into style. It is pretty adorable. When we eat he always takes his plate from the table and walks with it over to the sink so he can put it in. I'm glad at least the things he is immitating are only adding to his good behavior. It really makes me watch what I do and say around him. We lucked out of getting shots this visit.. I always wonder if it was the smartest thing to have him immunized.. I just don't know enough about natural stuff/eating healthy not to :(  BUT I'm working on it. He is totally healthy and growing perfectly. He has grown a whole 2 1/2 inches since October! At this rate he'll be a 6' 5" man before we know it! Here are his stats for 18 Months:

Height: 34 1/2 inches {95th Percentile}
Weight: 27 lbs. 8 oz. {73rd Percentile}
Head: 48 1/2 cm. {75th Percentile}

The rest of his stats from previous visits are at the bottom of the blog, If you're interested. It is great hearing that my little boy is doing so well in all of his developmental areas. But more importantly it's great to hear that he is growing healthy and strong. I love him with all of my heart.


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