Newborn Love

[newborn pictures taken at 9 days old]

I have been so nervous and excited to take pictures of my little girl. I have absolutely no experience with newborn pictures.. hence the nerves. But who can really mess up that much when it comes to a sweet perfect newborn. She was so cute and good for these pictures. Caden would sit and watch and ask me to take pictures of him in between. I'm very happy with how they have turned out. I still have a few more to edit and I'm planning on taking lots more.

For now.. these are my favorites:






I could just kiss those lips all day








I am falling more in love with this precious girl every day. I love holding her close and taking in those sweet moments. I wish I could keep her tiny forever. I get so emotional thinking about her all grown up some day. I want to be her best friend now and always. I can just imagine all the fun we'll have. I am so glad she is mine. I love having a daughter.

Brynnley had her 2 week check up last Tuesday. She is looking just perfect. She gained almost a pound more than her birth weight. The doctor thinks she may have been measured wrong at birth since she supposedly grew an entire inch!

2 weeks:
7 lbs 7 oz {50%}
21 inches {90%}

Brynnley is a wonderful eater. She has never spit up and she's just about the easiest baby to burp.
She is sleeping for 4 to 4 1/2 hours straight at night now.
She loves to be on her tummy and have her back rubbed.
She giggles all the time in her sleep. It is so adorable.
She loves to be swaddled.
She only cries when she is hungry or needs to poop. She is a very content baby.
She pulls the funniest faces I've ever seen when she's in her REM sleep cycle.
She has long skinny fingers.
The outside corners of her eyes turn up like Taylor's.
She has cute little ears that are very flat against her head.
Her feet and toes look just like mine.
She has dark hair, it's longer on the sides and back than it is on top.
At the nape of her neck it's about 3/4" long and very thick.
She has the cutest little duck tail.
She has a really deep belly button just like mine.
She has big beautiful alert eyes.
Her nose is shaped like Taylor's underneath and turns up like mine.
She has a long pointy tongue with a dimple right at the tip.
She has thick curly blonde eyelashes.
She has the most delicious little lips. I could kiss them all day.
She has the cutest dimple in the middle of her bottom lip.
She is several shades darker than Me and Caden. I hope it stays like that!
I love painting her toe nails, they look so cute!
She has the sweetest disposition.
She is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.
We absolutely adore our little girl. 


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