Splish Splash

The hot hot Utah summer is finally here! Goodness.. it took long enough. Swimming is pretty much out for me at the moment and I really couldn't go anyway unless I had an extra set of hands to take care of both kids. Caden begs and begs to play in the water so we've had to come up with other solutions. Alpine had an amazing park put in last year and they had this little splash park under construction until this year. We were so excited for it to open and we've spent several afternoons up there playing! The water is ice cold and feels really good on a hot sunny day. They have lots of covered picnic tables and a nice pavilion where parents can sit and watch. It has been so nice to get out of the house and enjoy being outside with my little ones.

We took my family up one afternoon to play. Now that Brynnley is here they can't seem to stay away for more than a few days ;). My siblings all loved the park and Caden was very happy to have someone else to play with.



Frisbee has become one of our little family's favorite games. We spent one evening teaching Caden how to throw it [expecting that he'd never get it]. He pulled out some mad skills and I'd say he's probably better than I am at throwing it now. He's working on catching it still. It has to be right to him and not too fast, but he's caught a few over the last month! This was his pass to daddy.  
Pretty good huh?


I love how much my family adores this little girl. I tell myself all the time: they loved Caden.. but not this much. Haha. My mom can't keep her hands off her! She'll walk around with her, repeating over and over: "You're the prettiest baby, Oh you're so pretty.. You're so sweet.." etc. She just loves her. Rachel is a close second. She will come up by herself just to see Brynn and Caden for a few minutes some nights. She is such a sweet auntie. I love this picture of her holding Brynn. Since the day this little girl was born everyone has said  that she looks just like Rachel. We have pulled out her baby book and compared pictures and it is definitely true. I tell Rae all the time that Brynn looks like her baby, not mine!


Crazy Ladies together already ;) - this is for you Rae


We are loving summer. Seriously the best part of having a Summer baby is that I don't have to be cooped up inside with a newborn. I could have all my babies in the Summer and be in heaven. We all love being out in the fresh air.

Who wants to come play with us?


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