Week: ONE

I have a lot I want  need to write down. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to break down the first month [i know... MONTH!].
Here we go with getting caught up!

We were so excited about getting back home. The hospital was great and all, but nothing sounded better than sleeping in my own  bed and taking a shower. My family was so wonderful and took Caden for almost an entire week! It was so nice to just have time with my sweet little baby. I still can't believe how fast my recovery was, by the end of that first week I was almost back to normal. Heaven. The best part of coming 9 days early was I never got sick of being pregnant. In fact [and.. I never thought I'd ever say this..] I kind of miss it! I really loved this pregnancy. If every pregnancy were to be just like it.. I could have a lot of kids.

Since we were not so prepared before Brynn came, there were somethings we had to take care of after we got back home. We really wanted to get a gift for Caden from Brynnley to add to his excitement and maybe help him like her just a tiny bit more ;) This boy loves big guns. He will play with my youngest brother's toy rifles all day when we go down to visit. He knows he's not allowed to shoot people.. he can only shoot the birds. So he'll stand at my parents windows and doors and hold the gun ready to fire at any bird who dares fly into their yard. haha. When we got back home I had Taylor run to the store with the mission of coming back with an awesome present for Caden. He came back very proud with a very nice pistol and rifle set that included a holster and neck tie. We wrapped it all up for our little man who would be coming to visit us that night. My parents brought the crew and dinner up a few hours later. Caden was so excited to open his present from baby sister. I've never seen his eyes so huge. I thought he was going to rip the cardboard off the guns. He was in heaven. He immediately ran over and started kissing his little sis. Thanks you, Thank you, Thank you! From that moment on.. we have not had a single second of him disliking her. She is his "favit". He has since enjoyed lots of afternoons standing out on our deck, "shooting" the birds that sit on the garages. He takes this very seriously.


Visiting sister our first night home. He wanted to hold her and kiss her and thank her for his guns all night.. and he gives the sweetest kisses.



Our first picture as a family of 4!


We got Caden back for our second night home. That weekend was spent mostly on the couch relaxing. We gave little Brynn her first sponge bath on Sunday. As soon as she was dried off and I started rubbing her down with coconut oil she was out. She falls asleep every time I rub her down after a bath now ;)


My sweet kids [kids.. I still can't believe it!] crashed on the couch. We did lots of sleeping that first week.


Caden had a bitter streak towards me for the first 2 weeks. He fought me on eating, going to the bathroom, taking naps.. but just basic everyday things. It was hard, and I'm glad it didn't last very long. He hasn't had one second of anger or frustration towards his little sister, which I am so grateful for. He's a happy little camper now and life is pretty much back to normal plus our cute little addition ;)


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