I can't believe my sweet baby is already 6 weeks old.
It just isn't fair.
She's not looking much like a newborn anymore with those yummy cheeks and round belly.
It makes me sad that her little, little stage is coming to an end.
I am loving every minute of this baby.
I just love my little miss thing.

10 LBS 7 OUNCES {60%}
22 1/2 INCHES {75%}

6 weeks

little things to remember:

She is chunkin out! This girl is a little piggy when it comes to eating. I love it when she thrashes her head back and forth with her mouth wide open trying to find food. She gets so frustrated. I have to hold her face still. When she eats she sucks louder than any baby I've ever heard. You can seriously hear every time she sucks. Other moms just laugh when I'm feeding her in the mothers lounge. When I feed her the first time she wakes up at night I have to prepare myself well. I have to completely unwrap her from her swaddle and get a burp cloth. She is frantic for food, then when my milk lets down she always decides to poop. As she's gulping, she'll push and her whole face turns red, then she chokes because she tries to breath with a mouth full of milk. I have to stop myself from spraying everywhere, catch the milk coming out of her mouth and lift her arms so she can get a good cough. It is really quite amusing. This half asleep baby, gulping, pushing, pooping, choking, crying.. mess. I look forward to it every night ;)

She arches her head and back so far when she stretches, If I don't swaddle her when she's taking a nap in her bouncer I will find her completely arched with her neck craning back. It is really quite adorable.

She has started talking and cooing just a little bit over the last week. Never at us, she only seems to do it when she's talking to the angels.

I decided to move her baths to our kitchen sink. I just stick the bath sponge up against the corner and sit her up on it. She loves being upright and looking around. I let the water run over her belly as I wash each part of her cute body. She used to cry for half of her bath, but now she only cries when I'm done.

She slept her first 6 hour stretch this week! She usually sleeps 5 - 5 1/2 hours straight from the time I put her to bed. Then wakes up, eats, and goes right back to sleep. Then she'll sleep 2 more 2-3 hour sessions before she's up for the day. It feels great and I feel totally spoiled. I thought Caden was a great sleeper.. but she has put him to shame. He would stay awake for hours after he woke up in the night. I remember feeling sleep deprived for the first two months with him. I haven't felt that once so far with her... she is an angel.

Her skin color is beautiful. She is much more olive than Me and Caden. She must get it from her daddy. Or maybe some of my mom's dark color is pulling through my white genes.. if that's possible ;)

She smiled at me for the first time when she was 4 weeks old. She smiles all the time now. She smiles mostly at Caden, I swear they have some kind of special bond already. As long as she isn't crying while I'm changing her diaper, she will always give me a huge grin. She must love having a clean bum.

She isn't the biggest fan of her binky. I am totally bummed about this. The lactation specialist told me not to give it to her too much in the first 2 weeks because of nipple confusion/preference. Well she definitely doesn't prefer the binky. I wish I would have just given it to her all the time as soon as we came home from the hospital. I'm still working with her, and I can usually get her to take it, but I'm the only one who seems to be able to get her to keep it in her mouth.

She has the biggest, most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. They have already gone really light blue right around her pupil. It is starting to spread from the center out, but the edges are still really dark. They will probably look a lot like mine.

She still loves being swaddled. I call it swaddle love. I love it. She loves it. We all love it! I contribute her excellent sleeping and naps to swaddling. As soon as she has a full belly and I swaddle her tight, her eyelids can't seem to help but close. I have learned some tricks and have some favorite blankets now.. I'll share more about that later. I need to remember for every other baby I have!

This little girl has a set of lungs on her. She is a pretty content baby. She only cries for two reasons. 1 she wants to be held, and 2 {the main reason} she's hungry.. and in fact, she thinks she's starving. If she doesn't get to eat all the way or she wakes up and doesn't get food immediately.. well, it's pretty much the end of the world. She gets that horrible baby cry vibrato, her lip quivers, and when she cries really hard.. I can only describe it as sounding like an angry cat. Seriously [i need to record it].. It's like she's hissing under her cries! If I'm in the store and she starts doing that cry people stop and stare. So whether or not I'm done.. we leave. If she cries hard for about 5 minutes, she'll just fall dead asleep. Thank goodness that cry comes few times and far between her normal happy mood.

She loves to sit in the sling or carrier while I'm doing work around the house. She doesn't usually like to be left alone unless she's sleeping.

She is so strong. She has been holding her head up really well for the last 2 weeks now. She is still a little wobbly and sometimes she'll throw her self back or to the side. She loves to be on her tummy.

She is definitely warming up to riding in the car. The first month was miserable whenever we needed to go in the car. She would just cry and cry. Fortunately I have found that she loves listening to Country and Classic music. She will quiet right down when I turn up the radio.

We have lots of nick names for this little girl already. Daddy calls her [the obvious]: sweetie and sweetheart. Caden calls her: baby ister and witto binny. Mommy calls her: sweet pea, oinker and little thing.


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s a s h a said...

i can't believe little miss b is getting so big, so fast! and goodness gracious. i absolutely love your new design. can i pay you to make mine?

oh, and can you please teach me indesign? i suck at it big time. BIG time.

which comes down to... WHEN ARE WE PLAYING?? i think it's been over a year. haha... i'm horrible. and you are just as horrible! we need to make this happen.

this month will be insanely busy, but early september? ok, i will be waiting for your text. ;)

say what? you want me to text you? will do. don't get upset if i'm borderline stalkish or too persistent.