Here is Brynnley's Baby Announcement :) I just thought I'd share it with everyone in case you didn't get one! I love graphic design.. thanks to my work experience as a teenager. This was so fun to create and I love the way it turned out.  She sure is a sweetie pie!

 mmm. I already miss that tiny bitty baby.



These are the pages for months 2 & 3 in the book I am making little Brynn. HERE is month 1.

She is 3 months old today. She is the BEST baby. I don't think I will ever have one to beat her. She sleeps better than I thougth was even possible for a 3 month old. She will sleep for 10 -12 hours every night and wake up for 1 five minute feeding. She has been sleeping like that since the end of august! I believe it has everything to do with swaddling and what tips I took from reading babywise. She is so strong, she wants to stand or sit up when she is held. She can sit up with hardly any help. I need to get her a bumbo, I know she would love it! She wants mommy and daddy's constant attention. She is content to sit in her bouncer or on the couch in whatever room we are in. She has this cute little "I'm annoyed" yell she does whenever she wants to be held, or if daddy or caden are teasing her (which happens a lot). She is very aware and observent of the things and people around her. She turns her head to the tiniest sounds.. it's a wonder that she sleeps so well at night! It's time I go shopping for her again. She is growing out of most of her 0-3 month stuff and I want to get her in 3-6 month stuff quickly so we can get good use out of it. I love shopping for her! It is so fun to shop both sides of kids clothing stores now ;) I love painting her toes.. they are almost always done. I just love all the fun little girly things. 

That is the perfect word to describe her. She is so girly. The main difference between her and Caden, as a baby, is her little girly look and personality. I love it. I think this little girly girl is the sweetest thing around.






Yes.. I am bouncing around like crazy. I figure I need to start getting pictures done and posted that I am taking now.. or I'll never be motivated to do them later. So I'm going to try and post about what is going on now.. and when I have time I'll fill in the Summer that was practically skipped ;). I still need to post about the birthday's in our family.. but I seriously have 40+ pictures from Caden's birthday alone that I want to edit and post {overwhelming}!

We just celebrated my youngest brother Nathaniel's Birthday yesterday. I can't believe he's eight already! He was only a year older than Caden is now, when Taylor and I got married! Time has gone by so quickly! My mom threw a cute bike party, they decorated signs for their bikes and clipped plastic to the frames to make noise in the tire spores. They rode around the church parking lot where my mom set up a huge obstacle course. It was really quite fun!

Caden went crazy with putting stickers on his sign.. "I want this one.. and this one.. and this one.."

Birthday boy is a big uncle of 2 now! And uncle Jarom is always making Brynnley smile.. and get the hiccups. My brothers are so cute with my kids.. I just love watching them play together. They are going to be wonderful daddies some day.


This scooter was Caden's birthday present. He rides it all the time. Best investment ever!


My beautiful little girl. Her eyes are so gorgeous.




Caden was not so keen on the whole pinata business.. plus uncle Jarom was teasing him and pulling it way too high ;)




Bubblegum!!! Yay, right before his first dentist appointment on Thursday!


This cake was so cute! I always love the cakes my mom makes for my birthdays.. she is so creative.


Caden found a whistle that matched Brynn's pants, and thought it looked cute on her.. she wore it and sucked on it the rest of the party.


Ben and his best friend Matt took Caden and taught him how to play baseball. We don't have a bat for him and have never tried teaching him before. Ben swung with him for a little bit till he got the hang of it. Then he threw them to Caden while he swung alone. He was hitting a few here and there. My Dad went down and threw some more and Caden switched sides and started swinging lefty. He hit almost every ball and was lobbing them clear behind my dad! I couldn't believe it.. We have to get him in T-ball and soccer this next year. He's such a natural with anything athletic.


Happy Birthday Nans, We love you!




These are a the pictures we had taken of Brynnley while we were in the hospital. I wasn't aware that they had a photographer on staff to take newborn pictures. I brought a few things to take pictures on my own, a little flower headband {that was actually way too big} and a little white blanket. When the photographer came to our room I asked her to use them and let her go to work. She was so sweet and nice but I wasn't planning on purchasing any of her pictures. I was sleeping when she brought the edited pictures in for us to see. She gave taylor the login and web address to show me the pictures when I woke up and she would come back later. I really wasn't expecting too much.

When the slide show started I couldn't stop the tears. My perfect newborn baby, less than a day old. These pictures were beautiful.
My sweet father-in-law bought us the digital images and rights. I can't thank him enough.

She was so wide awake and alert for these pictures, she only started crying in the last few. Her wrinkly hands and feet were so tiny. I look back at these pictures and it is hard to believe it was only 2 1/2 months ago that I held my sweet girl for the first time. She has changed so much and I have loved every single minute of her in my life. She is my little angel and I love her so much. These pictures get me every time... {sniffle}











These last two just melt my heart. There is something special about daddy and daughter. He adores her so much.

Thank you Stephanie for doing such a great job and thank you Bret for these priceless photos.

I love you so much sweet little Brynn. You are so perfect and precious.



 Life is as busy as ever, which is just the way I like it. This week is especially crazy. We are blessing Brynnley this Sunday and I have lots to do to get ready. I am making her blessing dress with my new sewing machine!!!! {another story for another day} I just have to wait for the fabric to arrive. And I'm trying to come up with some yummy treats to have after. Come on creative mind.. start working. Life as a mommy of 2 is better than I ever imagined. I have so much I need to write down about my sweet little kids. Brynn is such an angel, she has been sleeping so well over the last week.. I am shocked every morning when I wake up and she has slept for 11 or 12 hours only waking up for one 5 minute feeding.. Where did she come from? I am the luckiest girl alive. I have several posts in draft that I can't seem to get around to. I wanted to put a few things up from the months before Brynn was born and work my way forward. So I might be jumping around a little bit.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This has to be one of my favorite rooms in the house {not that we have many to choose from} We did a major transformation back when we first moved in. I still can't thank the people we bought the house from for all the hard work they put into it. This room was EXACTLY what I had been dreaming of for my nursery. The bead board and cute shelves. I fell in love instantly. We changed the paint color  HERE and HERE is how it was decorated for Caden. I added some hints of girly and rearranged the furniture. I like the way the room looks better now, the arrangement makes the small space seem a lot bigger. I still have some things that I need/want to change. I didn't want to leave the frames empty so they are still filled with pictures of Caden. I haven't gotten around to ordering pictures of my sweet baby to fill them yet. Soon I will.

I made some cute pillows. Taylor thinks throw pillows are such a waste of time and energy (don't all men?) but these have been used every night since I brought Brynn home from the hospital. I wedge two on each side of her and one at her feet to keep my swaddled bundle feeling safe and secure. PLUS they look so cute! The pom poms made the perfect addition and girly touch.


I filled an assortment of jars and bottles with white flowers.


I made tons {too many} of cute little blankets that sit in a basket at the foot of her bed. They have all been well used and I love them! Blankets are so fun :)


Our not so attractive, but SUPER comfy recliner. I found this perfect cream colored afghan to throw over or wrap up in for night feedings. Then of course the boppy, I made a pattern and covered it.. It turned out much better than I was expecting. The back is soft minky and the front is my favorite fabric in the world. I added the little gray pocket to store things like her brush, binky, etc. and added her initial.


I decorated lots of letter B's to put around the ledge, this is my favorite one. Now I just need to fill those frames with pictures of my little Brynn.


I made some adjustments to her changing table. We took the little ledge piece off that wrapped around the front. It was always in the way and never looked very cute. It freed up some space and makes it a lot easier to dust this piece of furniture. I used the basket that used to hold some of Caden's toys for burp cloths and other necessities.


Every fun fabric I saw in the fabric stores was turned into a burp cloth. I have tons of them {thinking I would need this many} but Brynnley never spits up. They have been well used for catching the milk that streams from her mouth when she eats though. In the extra space I put that darling blue tin that holds her desitin, binkys and other little things.


On the wall by the door I have a chicken coop wire frame that holds all of her flowers and bows and this cork board frame that I have pinned all her bracelets to. I love this darling bracelet my cousin made for my little girl. Thanks again Shelley, she wears it all the time!


My favorite part of the nursery, of course, is this little chandelier. I moved the tutorial over to HowDoesShe so check it out over HERE. It still looks just as cute as it did when I first hung it.


That's it! I really should take a picture of that other wall with the bow frames.. you just might die at my collection. Brynnley has more flowers and bows than any baby could possibly need. I just love having a little girl. 
What can I say ;)