Yes.. I am bouncing around like crazy. I figure I need to start getting pictures done and posted that I am taking now.. or I'll never be motivated to do them later. So I'm going to try and post about what is going on now.. and when I have time I'll fill in the Summer that was practically skipped ;). I still need to post about the birthday's in our family.. but I seriously have 40+ pictures from Caden's birthday alone that I want to edit and post {overwhelming}!

We just celebrated my youngest brother Nathaniel's Birthday yesterday. I can't believe he's eight already! He was only a year older than Caden is now, when Taylor and I got married! Time has gone by so quickly! My mom threw a cute bike party, they decorated signs for their bikes and clipped plastic to the frames to make noise in the tire spores. They rode around the church parking lot where my mom set up a huge obstacle course. It was really quite fun!

Caden went crazy with putting stickers on his sign.. "I want this one.. and this one.. and this one.."

Birthday boy is a big uncle of 2 now! And uncle Jarom is always making Brynnley smile.. and get the hiccups. My brothers are so cute with my kids.. I just love watching them play together. They are going to be wonderful daddies some day.


This scooter was Caden's birthday present. He rides it all the time. Best investment ever!


My beautiful little girl. Her eyes are so gorgeous.




Caden was not so keen on the whole pinata business.. plus uncle Jarom was teasing him and pulling it way too high ;)




Bubblegum!!! Yay, right before his first dentist appointment on Thursday!


This cake was so cute! I always love the cakes my mom makes for my birthdays.. she is so creative.


Caden found a whistle that matched Brynn's pants, and thought it looked cute on her.. she wore it and sucked on it the rest of the party.


Ben and his best friend Matt took Caden and taught him how to play baseball. We don't have a bat for him and have never tried teaching him before. Ben swung with him for a little bit till he got the hang of it. Then he threw them to Caden while he swung alone. He was hitting a few here and there. My Dad went down and threw some more and Caden switched sides and started swinging lefty. He hit almost every ball and was lobbing them clear behind my dad! I couldn't believe it.. We have to get him in T-ball and soccer this next year. He's such a natural with anything athletic.


Happy Birthday Nans, We love you!


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lehi + sasha said...

OHMYGOODNESS. how adorable is miss b? she is such a sweet little spirit, i can't even handle it. she is getting bigger and bigger.

and i still can't get over you being a mommy of two. how you look the way you do is beyond me.

i've been visiting belle monte a lot lately! our friends just moved back in their condo. i think about you every time i go. :) we need to get together!