These are a the pictures we had taken of Brynnley while we were in the hospital. I wasn't aware that they had a photographer on staff to take newborn pictures. I brought a few things to take pictures on my own, a little flower headband {that was actually way too big} and a little white blanket. When the photographer came to our room I asked her to use them and let her go to work. She was so sweet and nice but I wasn't planning on purchasing any of her pictures. I was sleeping when she brought the edited pictures in for us to see. She gave taylor the login and web address to show me the pictures when I woke up and she would come back later. I really wasn't expecting too much.

When the slide show started I couldn't stop the tears. My perfect newborn baby, less than a day old. These pictures were beautiful.
My sweet father-in-law bought us the digital images and rights. I can't thank him enough.

She was so wide awake and alert for these pictures, she only started crying in the last few. Her wrinkly hands and feet were so tiny. I look back at these pictures and it is hard to believe it was only 2 1/2 months ago that I held my sweet girl for the first time. She has changed so much and I have loved every single minute of her in my life. She is my little angel and I love her so much. These pictures get me every time... {sniffle}











These last two just melt my heart. There is something special about daddy and daughter. He adores her so much.

Thank you Stephanie for doing such a great job and thank you Bret for these priceless photos.

I love you so much sweet little Brynn. You are so perfect and precious.


emily+brett said...

there is simply nothing as special as those first few days of life. their spirits are so strong and you just want to soak up every second!

n.davis said...

Oh my, way to make me cry. Haha. These are just breathtaking. I am in love with all of them.

Hannah said...

She is so sweet! I really like the pictures of her feet :) The ones with her and Taylor and awesome, too! Congrats on a beautiful girl! I hear she is a champ so far having mastered fish lake!

lehi + sasha said...

what a precious little spirit she is!
i want a baby so so badly right now.
i'm super baby hungry.
i might just snatch some babies if i don't have one on my own.