Brynnley is such a content and happy little baby. You know you've caught her eye when she gives you that great big smile. She laughed for the first time while we were at Sonic getting a treat on September 10th. I can't believe that was a month ago! She laughs and smiles most when I am changing her diaper (.... dunno why?). Not many people have had the chance to hear her laugh. She thinks my mom is hilarious and laughs at her all the time. Today Uncle Ross had her laughing loud enough to draw attention from the other side of the office (she loves her uncle Ross). We were watching tv tonight and Caden started making weird sounds at her, she was cackling. She loves watching him and talking to him, and he loves capturing her attention! I love her cute laugh, it is so contagious and it reminds me of my moms :) We finally caught it on video!

I have lots of other videos I need to upload on my computer and post... more to come :)



Michelle Weaver said...

Lara....this is SOOOOOO adorable! Haha! It totally made my day! Love it :)

Maddy said...

oh my gosh cutest laugh ever!

triest said...

I'm so sad I haven't heard her laugh yet in person, but this will make up for it in the meantime:) She's such a cute little thing.