Remember that post a little while back? All about hair care? Well I made the decision earlier this year that in order to get my hair to grow longer, I had to stop bleaching it. I have been blonde for the last 4 1/2 years (colored brown twice in between, but switched immediately back). I love my hair blonde, but my curly hair needs heat if it is even going to look half decent.. even when it's worn curly... and heat + bleach = fried. Therefore.. my hair is pretty fried. I want all of my hair to be down to my waist, bangs and all.. and I'm not kidding. With all the research I did for that hair care post and after talking to my fabulous hair dresser ;) I decided it was time to say bye-bye blonde. It took me a good 6 months to finally follow through with it. 


First off I was pretty darn scared. I had an all-over color done right before I left hair school about a month before Taylor and I got married. My hair was PLATINUM. In an effort to make the brown stay we filled my hair first. Meaning.. we dyed it bright orange.. seriously it was hideous. Then we dyed it brown. The problem is... my hair loves those warm colors. So it quickly lost that beautiful brown color and started fading orange. YUCK! Not that I don't like those beautiful red heads out there.. but for me.. I can't do orange. So I gradually went back to blonde. The second time I went dark I had a weave done. It looked so muddy and ashy and totally washed me out, as if I need more "washing out". It was too dark and the color looked horrible on me. So I went blonde again. So you can imagine, after going brown twice and having such bad experiences.. I was scared to do it again. I told myself both times after having it done "never do this again.. remind yourself.. never do this again!" I had that running through my mind the whole time I was considering the switch. 

Second.. I had a baby in the middle of everything. I had no time or desire to make the change. 

Third, we had family pictures coming up and I didn't want to have brown hair for pictures.. not knowing how it would turn out.


I finally went through with it. I am glad I gave myself those 6 months to stew over the idea. By the time I made my appointment I was so over being blonde. I sat down with my girl... Seriously love this girl (we went to hair school together).. We looked through tons of pictures and talked about what I didn't like and what I did like. It's nice cause I know the lingo for hair! We spent a good hour on the computer and deciding exactly what to do. I've been dying to do a color melt. I think they are SO gorgeous. I love the drastic ones, but I feel like they only look good if your hair is always curled.. and me.. well I don't have time to curl my hair every day! So I wanted a much more subtle Ombre/Color Melt. We melted a 6 to an 8 on my hair for those who know color. My natural is an 8 but we only did a semi-permanent color so it would fade. It turned out beautifully. I seriously LOVE it. It was a little dark at first and it is still quite a bit darker than my natural color, but I like it. I am going to let my roots grow out and we can see how much it fades total. If it blends perfectly then great! If not I might keep coloring my roots, or lighten the whole thing a little bit. I love being brunette.

just woke up face ;)

The brown has lightened up some from these pictures, and has faded into a gorgeous Ombre. These pictures don't do it justice (especially the back, this shot makes it looks super drastic when, really, it's not), I should take some more, but this will do for now :)


My favorite part.. no more re-growth lines! It is so even and blended.
If anyone wants a great stylist in Utah County let me know ;)


Natalie Willmore said...

Oh dear, I myself have been through this process. It still makes me cringe thinking how hard it was to get back to blonde. It killed my hair.
What I love is that you could go either way. You look good blonde and brunette.
I think it suits you, especially since it is fall. I love the warm colors. It definitely agrees with you. But I don't think you needed to get your hair done to look any prettier. You already are.

Natalie Willmore said...

Wait. I forgot to tell you how much I LOVED your hair care post.
I told Drew, "This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Someone to research how to have healthy hair!", so thank you.
Is there any way you could email me that post? So I could keep it forever and attempt to have healthy hair.
You're the best. I love your blog. Love reading it :)

n.davis said...

Love love love your hair. It's so pretty, so perfect on you!

And I was laughing out loud at brynns laugh, melted my heart!