I'm going to post my occasional photography sessions on here for a while (as well as my photography blog). That way you will all get to see them ;)

I have been the only married cousin (on my mom's side of the family) for almost 4 years now. Granted.. I got an early start in that department. I have been dying for more of my cousin's to get married. Excluding me and my cousin Brittany, I think there are 3 eligible girls right now and there will be 2 boys by next summer! I bet they will all get married at the same time, just to make life crazy ;) Brittany is my closest cousin, she is just over a week younger than me. She is so sweet and beautiful. She met her fiance, Reed on the folk dance team at BYU. They are both amazing dancers and have traveled the world as a part of that team. Brittany is now a graduate and a teacher. These two are such a cute couple and I am so excited for them! I am so glad I got to take their engagement pictures. I think they turned out beautifuly. Congratulations guys!

IMG_0461 copy

IMG_0492 copyIMG_0632 copy2

IMG_0552 copy

IMG_0579 copyIMG_0562 copy

IMG_0537 copy

IMG_0602 copy2

IMG_0596 copyIMG_0693 copy2

IMG_0612 copy2

IMG_0550 copy


IMG_0751 copy




Maddy said...

they look great! i bet they're so happy with them.

emily+brett said...

you are SO talented. i hear a photo shoot calling my name. i think it would be fun to do a shoot in the snow while it's snowing. how would that look on film? i've always wanted to try it. i think it could be magical.