We blessed our sweet little angel on September 11, 2011. She was just shy of 3 months old, which is a little old for most blessings.. but it worked out perfect for everyone being able to come. It was a perfect beautiful day. We blessed her in our home ward and had such a wonderful turnout. I felt such overwhelming love from all the support our family and friends showed. Her blessing circle was enormous, and filled with wonderful men who are such great examples of what a priesthood leader should be. Taylor gave her a wonderful sweet blessing. It was so special to have him bless our daughter. He is the best daddy in the whole world, and she is his little princess. 

I spent the nights before her blessing trying to come up with a dress for her to be blessed in. I really wanted to make her something that she could keep forever. Richelle gave me this darling pettiskirt pattern and it turned out to be just what I had hoped for. She looked like a little angel sitting in a cloud ;). It was a huge ruffly silky gown fit for my dolly.

IMG_0027 copy

We reserved the clubhouse where we live and had a big gathering with lots of amazing food and good company. It was amazing to see all of our family come together to love our sweet little girl. She is so blessed to be part of or families.

My grandparents (moms parents) are so great, I just love them. Camillia, my amazing baby wooing cousin, can cuddle Brynnley like no other.

We had delicious food. My mom's amazing sloppy joes, chips, tons of fruit and vegetables, raspberry lemonade and my friends amazing lemon raspberry cupcakes. mmm.

Grandma (dad's mom). I quickly grabbed my camera while she was holding her 11th great grandchild. She is the sweetest woman I know, she is quiet and reserved, but her heart is full of kindness. I wish my Grandpa could have been here to hold my sweet girl. He would have called her gorgeous and given her every good compliment known. I have a feeling he was there the day she was born holding her hand as she entered this life. I am sure they met before, and they will meet again some day.

My cute cousin Melayla. My kids love her, Brynnley is totally content to play with her and sit on her lap, and Caden.. well let's just say he calls her "my girl" and "my girlfriend". We love this girl.


...and neither one of them are looking ;)
Mimi and Poppy with their first granddaughter! This picture of my mother-in-law is so sweet. I love it.
Nana and Papa + my amazing babysitting, magic baby working, wonderful, handsome brothers ;)


I snagged a few pictures of little Brynn in her cute blessing dress. She has grown and changed so much, I miss that little baby already.
She looks like a little angel.



Thank you to everyone who came and gave Brynnley lots of love. We have the best family in the whole world.
Big thanks to my sister {auntie A} for taking almost all of the pictures. I couldn't have captured this special day without her!

..we also shared this special day with my best friend who had her sweet little baby that evening! I sure love her little boy {we may even arrange a marriage between him and miss b} ;)


n.davis said...

Loved this post! Her dress was perfection, as we're all these beautiful moments captured of the family. Loved it all!

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Kara said...

so cute! Wish we could have been there:) Love her dress !

Heather and Chris said...

I love your babies outfit. She looks darling. We are blessing our daughter next month and I would love to know where you got her legging and the skirt pattern :)