Football season is something we really look forward to at our house. Caden went to his first football scrimmage when he was 3 weeks old! We had the whole team, at the time, sign his onesie.. and Bronco signed the butt flap (the only space left) ;) Let's just say, we like to start our kids early with a love for this sport. Brynnley was about 3 months old when we took her to her first football game. I was honestly planning on skipping out on this whole season. It's stressful to take a baby to football games.. Especially when the weather always seems to be so extreme: blistering hot or freezing cold (sometimes snowing). This fall perfectly mild and I actually made it to 3-4 games! Brynn was such a good girl and slept through most of the games. She is a pretty easy going little thing. We made the first home game of the season a family event (BYU vs UTAH). Caden loves BYU football (he loves BYU anything). He dressed up in his football jersey from Halloween last year and asked me to paint his eyes black. I saw a cute football onesie on Pinterest and decided to whip one out. I found that cute long sleeved onesie at kid to kid for .50 cents and hand stitched some left over felt on to it. She looked so stinkin' cute! We enjoyed the rest of the games from the comfort of our living room on ESPN (amazing!). It was a great year and we're excited for the next season already!


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Aubrey Jensen said...

Okay, hands down cutest football ever. You can't help but smile when you see your family- you guys are beautiful.

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Awesome job! I love the football onesie! Caden is so cute loving BYU. Good Job teaching him young which school is best ;)

n.davis said...

Seriously so so cute! I love how you all get into it,
Such fun family memories!

Enoch and Tacy said...

Oh my gosh so cute!!!