The kids are both napping. It is a rare occasion when they both take naps at the same time. Most of the time I have Brynnley down, then when she wakes up Caden goes down, then when he wakes up Brynnley goes down for a second nap. Nap time used to be my time to "get things done" when I had only one child. Now when I have those rare quiet afternoons, I just like to take a break.

I've had a lot on my mind lately.
Motherhood, Family, Organization, Marriage, Prioritizing
There is a lot to juggle as a mother and wife.
Cleaning the house, cooking, grocery shopping, running errands, organizing, teaching your children, playing with your children, spending time with your husband, having a healthy lifestyle.. and a million other things that come to mind.
I love being a mother more than anything in this world. My kids and husband are my world.
I have had a lot of time to reflect over the last couple of months. What is important? Where do my priorities stand? ... Where should they sand? What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? How can I improve?

Time management has been a big change since my second sweet baby came. Sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner because of all the demands I have. It kills me when people ask "what are you doing these days?" and my response of "being a mom, cooking, cleaning, and running a house" seems lacking to so many. What else do you do? ......... umm. Nothing. I don't have time for anything else.
I feel very accomplished on the days when we don't have the tv on and my kids go to bed on time with a clean house.

I am easily overwhelmed by all the favors I am constantly being asked. I enjoy sharing my talents with others, and I truly love serving and helping where I can. The challenge lies when I have so many favors piling up that my responsibilities at home get put on the back burner. It's not worth it. I feel guilty and overwhelmed.

My resolve to change things, came over the last several weeks.

I am committed to changing a lot of things:
  • Following a cleaning schedule - it has made keeping the house clean a complete dream. 
  • Sleep training with my little stinker, and she has slept through the night for the last 2 weeks - I have never felt so rested!
  • Taking more pictures of my kids, everyday things.. my favorite childhood pictures are the ones captured of the things I did at home with my siblings. Those everyday memories are brought back to life through those pictures. I want my kids to see the kinds of things they did every day.
  • Spend my free time with my kids: playing games, teaching them, encouraging them. No more turning on the tv so I can do things that are less important.
  • Cutting back on internet time. I love you pinterest... but seriously.. you take up way too much of my free time. Forget facebook. Other people bragging or wining does not appeal to me. 
  • Documenting our family. I want to have something to look back on, a reference, pictures. I love reading back through all of my old posts and seeing what we were doing years back. Seeing my sweet little boy. Being inspired. I am committing to keeping up here and writing things down. 
  • Eating healthier. Practicing better hygiene (keeping our hands and faces clean). Prevent illness
  • Get organized. Deep clean the house. Finish house projects that have been waiting around forever.
  • Saying NO to favors and job requests that I really don't have time for.
  • Be more faithful with scripture reading and family prayers.
  • Wake up earlier, get ready for the day, and get my kids ready for the day (goodbye pajamas!)

There are a lot of areas I would like to do better in. I feel a constant need for improvement.

I know that I love my family more than anything. I don't want to look back with regret wishing I hadn't been so lazy or selfish. I want my kids to remember me playing with them and teaching them, the way I remember my mother did.

Put the Lord and Family first.
That's the goal!

A few other things I wanted to jot down:


Is crawling! I mean, she's been scooting (army style) for the last 6 weeks or so. Today was the first time I saw her crawl across the entire room without plopping on her belly!

She is pulling herlself up on furniture. She will follow Caden around and when he hops up on the couch she wants to follow. She just started really pulling herself up this week.

She has one tooth popping through on the bottom. Her other one is cutting through, and I can see her little chicklet teeth coming on top. From her gums it looks like she's going to have a big gap like Caden, I really don't mind because it means their adult teeth won't be as crowded!

She is really wanting to eat "big people food". She basically begs. She will crawl on the floor and lay next to Caden's chair when he is eating, and he will drop bits of food onto the floor which she will then pick up and eat. Then go back to staring up at him waiting for more food.

She has taken recent interest in books. She loves to sit on our laps while we flip through the baby books. She will point at all the pages.

She will repeat mama and dada when we say them to her.

She loves to shake her head. I mean... she's kind of obsessed. She has made a game of it with Taylor. Whenever he walks in the room (even if she is half asleep) she will shake her head at him. He shakes his head back at her and she squeals and quickly responds with another head shake. It goes on forever, but it is seriously adorable.

She loves to play with Caden's cars and her baby dolls.

She loves to look at herself in the mirror. She is so bashful and flirty with her reflection.


Today I heard him telling Brynnley in the other room "Today is FEBRUARY twenty first, two fousand twelve!" haha. He is picking up so many things from preschool. I love watching him learn and grow.

He has recently become obsessed with having a corn pack for his feet at night. He will tell us to heat it up for 1 minute, then place it where his feet are.

He had a major case of hives about a week and a half ago. I think it may have been from the eye drops he had for pink eye. My other assumption was Honey.. I tested it today and he hasn't gotten hives yet. I am praying he is not allergic to honey, because it is easily his favorite food.

He is the best brother. He will read to brynnley, play toys with her, help her out of sticky situations, tell me if she puts anything harmful in her mouth, tell her how beautiful she is. It really melts my heart. My favorite moment in the day is when he sees her first thing in the morning and exclaims "GOOD MORNING BRYNN! I missed you all night!"

He sings loudly in the shower.. I have a feeling Taylor passed this one down ;)

He tells me on a daily basis "I hate clothes!" He would seriously run around in his underwear all day if I let him.

 As for the me and taylor:

Taylor has a new position at work. He is training to take over the Surplus Lines and Licensing department.

Taylor surprised (shocked) me with a new computer for Valentines Day. I mean.. I love roses and everything. But I'll take a new computer over flowers any day! We are just waiting for an adapter cable for my monitor and then I can get it set up. I am dying! My photo processing time is going to be cut in half!

I am posting for HowDoesShe.com on the first Wednesday of every month. My scheduling has been kind of random till now. I've had a few people ask, so here is a link for all of my posts.

This Winter has been amazing. I love snow in December, and although it was a little disappointing that there was none, I am so happy that this winter has been so mild and WARM! I mean, I've ventured out without a coat on many occasions!

Life is really great. We have so much to be thankful for. I am so glad we are all healthy again (knock-on-wood). I've already started spring cleaning and I love that feeling after I drop a load off at DI. Getting organized and getting on a Schedule is worth the time. Everything runs more smoothly.

Those are my thoughts and updates for now.


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emily+brett said...

i could go on and on about this post but i too have a house to clean and really shouldn't be checking updates. we are so on the same track with our thinking lately. i've been soooo overwhelmed with running my house. i can not keep up. i'm always somewhere, doing something and on top of that yw is killing me!! thanks for your thoughts! i'm right there with you!!

and perry has NO interest in crawling. i lay her on her belly and she just rolls over. she is starting to scoot a little bit when she really wants to get something but other than that nothing. so different from steele. he started walking one month from perry's age!!