I've been putting together a cleaning schedule over the last month or so, trying things out.. finding what works best for us. I found a lot of really great cleaning schedules, then filtered and compiled the things that we need in a schedule. Bless pinterest, my SIL pinned this cleaning schedule that was a really cute printable. Not to mention it was my favorite day to day arrangement. I downloaded it and tweaked it a bit. I decided to write up a daily and monthly cleaning guide as well.

Weekly cleaning chart
daily and monthly cleaning guide 
I am feeling really good about the way this schedule has been working for me. I love having monthly chores for Saturdays. It is so nice having Taylor home to help me with some of those bigger jobs. I will pick 1-3 monthly chores that I think need to be done, and it has seriously helped keep the deep cleaning manageable. I try to include Caden in cleaning as much as possible. He is very good at vacuuming and picking up his toys. He really likes to help me clean the mirrors and windows, and Brynnley likes to leave hand prints and nose smudges as soon as we are done. Caden is really good about clearing his dishes when he's done and putting his coat and shoes away when we get home. He's a good little helper. This is very customized to my little family in our little home, but in case it is of help to anyone else I thought I'd share the PDF files: Weekly Cleaning Schedule and Daily/Monthly Cleaning Guide. I am going to have these printed off and hard laminated. I have been making all of my own cleaning products too this last week, mostly following this post from HowDoesShe. I love doTERRA, I am ordering a few more oils this week to make a mattress spray. I really love cleaning with the chemical free homemade products. They work really well, and I feel safe using them with my kids in the same room.

I am still waiting on my the adapter for my computer, we ordered one and it was the wrong one. We found that apple discontinued the adapter that we actually need in 2010 so Taylor spent the weekend placing bids and trying to get a used one off ebay. We finally won the bids and have one coming in the mail right now. It should be here by Friday. I am so excited to get that machine set up. It's going to be 8X faster than what I'm currently running on. I'll finally be able to get through all the pictures I want to post. Hopefully lots and lots of pictures to come in the next couple of weeks!

Until then... Happy Cleaning! ;)


Charlotte said...

I love this! I don't even have kids, and I have a hard time keeping things clean and decluttered on a regular basis. Thanks for the PDFs!

emily+brett said...

the printables are darling!! your list is very close to mine. i love the idea of doing a monthly chore on saturday!! what a great way to tackle all those dawnting tasks. love it! you are super-women!

Singluver said...

Hi, Love your Cleaning Pdf's! Could you please send them to my email at:

Thank you!