I have been going back through all of our phone videos  and decided it was high time I downloaded them on our computer and backed them all up.  These are some videos from last summer that I love.

In the months before Brynnley was born we spent a ton of time down at my parents house. They babysat him while I took my clothing construction class, so we saw them at least twice a week. Jarom was always his buddy and entertained him. I took this video after they had been playing with this bouncy balloon ball forever. It was so hilarious and Caden laughing hysterically. If you watch carefully, at about 2:16 on the clock Jarom falls down the stairs. I about die laughing every time I watch this video.

My siblings spent a lot of time with Caden teaching him how to hit a baseball. He got it fairly quickly, like he does with most athletic things. He could hit the plastic balls across the yard almost every time. This video he misses quite a few but I love watching him. He actually hit better left handed last year. He writes with his right hand but lots of athletic things he uses both hands. We'll have to see where he ends up ;) This video is really long, but at the end it shows him hitting with his left hand, so I didn't want to cut it short.

He is the frisbee throwing champ. Seriously, he puts me to shame. He was catching and throwing a frisbee after a few times practicing with daddy. We bought him this awesome floppy frisbee for his Birthday. It is soft so it doesn't hurt to catch it, and it is really easy to throw. We spent many days out at the park throwing frisbee back and forth. Well not me.. Taylor and Caden, I just watched ;)

This is the first time Brynnley rolled over. I had a feeling she was about to get it, and we grabbed the camera. It was kind of a family event. Caden taking pictures with the flash. We were all cheering her on. It was pretty exciting!

*please excuse my annoying narrating through most of the videos.. I can't help it when I'm filming. I remind myself not to talk while I'm recording.. but words just come out. Sorry!




Have I mentioned that she is obsessed with popcorn? Really she would even take popcorn over nursing... which is saying a lot! She has loved popcorn since she was about 4 months old. When I came home from the hospital I craved (more than anything) popcorn and root beer. I don't even drink soda.. so don't ask me why. I was seriously addicted. The craving strike lasted till she was about 6 months old. We would make popcorn all the time and when she started other solid foods at 4 months she thought that meant she could eat what we were eating too. She would get so interested when we would bring a bowl of popcorn over to the couch. I would break off tiny little pieces that didn't have any popcorn kernel and feed them to her. She loved it. Now that she is really eating big people food she thinks she can basically hog the popcorn bowl. I can't get her tight little fists off the edge of the bowl to save my life. She will hold on tight with one hand, bury her head and other arm inside and inhale. She will climb over and claw (literally claw our skin) her way to the popcorn bowl. We rarely make popcorn when she is awake anymore because it is kind of a joke. I can't keep her away from it without making her scream. I don't know what it is about popcorn.. but I can pretty much guarantee it is her favorite food. Oh, little popcorn piggy, I love you.

IMG_1446 copywrIMG_1443 copywr

IMG_1445 copywrb

IMG_1449 copywrb




The last nine months have come and gone so quickly. How is it possible? And why in the world couldn't the previous nine months go that fast? Hmmm? I guess that's what happens. With every passing year, and each child I feel like time goes faster and faster. It just isn't fair. I love my sweet little girl. I am loving this age. She is so independent and so much fun. I wanted to write down a few things for her at this age.

You are a total mama's girl. I always kind of hoped that you would be a daddy's girl, it's just really adorable when a girl always wants her daddy. I love that you are a mama's girl though. You are so sweet to me and always want to be with me. You will crawl the distance just to be in the same room or climb to sit on my lap. You say mama all the time and you definitely know what it means. You say dada all the time too. You look out the windows and call "dada, dada". You say lots of little funny things "was ah" (sounds like what's that), and "baba" but I dont think you associate either with anything. You say "hi" and "ala" (hello) again.. I don't know if you understand their meaning, but you say them at the most appropriate times. You climb up against anything you think is sturdy and walk along things to get what you want. You love to empty the silverware from the dishwasher. If I leave you alone in the room with the dishwasher open, I will come back to find a floor covered in utensils and very mischievous little smile. You also love to pull all the clothes out of a full laundry basket. I can't fold laundry with you in the room because you think it is the funnest thing to climb over the piles and grab all the clothes as you go. You wave with your whole arm and are learning to wave with your fingers and hand. It is so adorable. I love bringing you into bed in the morning and watch you wave at your half sleeping daddy. Your sweet smiling face is the best thing to wake up to. You zoom around the house. You can make it from the front room to the bathroom in a jiffy. You love to play with big brother and share his toys. You are kind of a picky eater when it comes to actual baby food. You automatically clamp your mouth when you see something green.. oh no.. I don't know what I'm going to do with you. I have to trick you and give you a bite of something you like first and then sneak a bite of greens in when you aren't paying close attention. It is always followed with a sour face. You love eating big people food. We give you spaghetti, waffles and bits of french toast and you love them. You are quite the attention getter. I take you out of your car seat in public and I automatically get tons of comments on you. Everyone says you have the prettiest eyes. Even the men say you're going to be a heart breaker. You have such a cautious and flirty personality with strangers. You love the vacuum. If you are ever in a bad mood I just pull the vacuum out and put you on the floor while I go to work. It's like the magic Brynnley whisperer, and it keeps my floors very clean ;) You love to stand at our new washing machine and watch the clothes spin in the water. You smack the machine and squeal. You squeal, squawk, screech, gasp, grunt, and babble a lot! We love your constant chatter. You are so loved. We are so blessed to have you in our family sweet thing.

IMG_1409 copywr

IMG_1403 copywrb

We had her 9 month check up today. It all went well and she is doing great. When they put her on the scale to weigh her the number read 14 lbs 3 oz, my heart dropped. I literally gasped and grabbed my chest! I was like "are you sure? that means she lost over 2 lbs in the last 3 months!". Our scale at home says she weighs about 16 1/2 lbs, but it could easily be wrong. The nurse hurried me back in the room like it was no big deal. I was kind of freaking out because she needs to be gaining weight with her heart condition. As I went back out to ask if we could re-weigh her the doctor said the same thing. We double checked her weight and it came back at a much better number. What a relief. She gained .5 oz over the last 3 months. The doctor said that is fine because she is moving so much and eating more solids. So there was no concern for her lack of weight gain. She still has the murmur in her heart, not much change. We are still praying that it will close, but the doctors reassure us that she is fine. She is doing great in just about every other department!

Weight 16 lbs 8 1/2 oz {12%}
Height: 27 1/5 inches {48%}

The doctors graph said she was in the 12% for weight, but I checked it at home and it looks more like the 20%. I don't know if they have a more updated graph now or what? But that's what they said. She has grown almost 2 inches in the last 3 months. It is funny to compare her and Caden's percentiles and sizes now. She kept up with him so well in the beginning, but now there is a huge difference in their numbers. At 6 months Caden was 17 lbs 10 oz {54%}, and 28 1/4 inches {95%}. She has yet to pass his 6 month numbers. At 9 months he was 21 lbs {59%}, 30 1/2 inches {96%}. My little B is just so petite, she still wears a lot of her 3-6 and some 0-3 month clothes. Her shoes are still 0-3 months! She is just a teeny thing and oh so cute. We love you sweet girl!




Last week Poppy got a pretty nifty set of 90cc kid 4-wheelers. When he sent us a picture of the little white and blue wheelers Caden was ecstatic. He loves anything to do with motorcycles and going fast. He rides the little toy motorcycles endlessly inside at Mimi and Poppy's. This however is a little different than a plastic toy motorcycle. Poppy sent us to a local shop to pick out a helmet for Caden. The owner had one Fulmer helmet left in Caden's size. Bright yellow and black. He looks like a little motocross champ in it! We took him up a couple days later to teach him how to ride. It was such a nice day, we even had a picnic at the park for lunch because it was so warm and sunny! He was so excited to ride his blue wheeler. He loves anything blue, so of course he chose that one as "his". Taylor sat on the back with him and they drove back and forth down the drive way a couple times. On their second trip back Taylor was holding his hands up in the air while Caden was driving! Thrilling! He caught on so fast. Taylor ran around behind him holding the tether while Caden drove. The governor is set so they can only cruise about 4-5 mph. When Taylor was tired of chasing him around he went and grabbed the little white wheeler and tied a rope to the tether so he could just drive behind. They rode for a good while. Caden was a total natural, he still has some practicing to do.. but for the most part his first day driving a 4-wheeler was a great success. Brynnley and I sat on a little blanket and cheered Caden on as he drove around. Brynnley kept going off the blanket trying to eat rocks and leaves.. ya know, the good stuff! She took one lick of the pebbles and spat them back out. She was thrilled to watch Caden ride, she would squeal every time he came around the corner. She squeals a lot, she is quite the chatter box. I took her for a short little ride up the driveway and she thought that was pretty great, kicking and yapping whole time.

IMG_1295 copywr

IMG_1300 copywr

Look at that cute hair! I love her little tuft, it's getting so long! Well.. for my babies it's long ;)

IMG_1296 copywr

digging for pebbles

IMG_1302 copywr

IMG_1280 copywr

IMG_1288 copywrb

IMG_1314 copywrsIMG_1310 copywrs

IMG_1309 copywrb

IMG_1317 copywrb

eating a leaf.. yumm

IMG_1326 copywrsIMG_1323 copywrs

IMG_1325 copywrb

IMG_1330 copywrsIMG_1342 copywrs

I love her face: what is that on your head brother?

IMG_1327 copywrb

IMG_1353 copywrsIMG_1362 copywrs

IMG_1364 copywr

IMG_1372 copywr

Then we went inside and played with toys for a little bit. Brynn follows him everywhere, she adores him can you tell?

IMG_1377 copywrb

IMG_1381 copywrsIMG_1385 copywrs

and.. I'd like to pat myself on the back. I am all caught up!


Every time I vacuum Brynnley's room the kids make their way up on the rocking chair to watch. Brynnley has found a new love for her toothbrush and carries it all over the house. Caden is just so cute with her. When she got distracted and let go of her toothbrush he picked it up and started brushing her hair with it. It was soaking wet from her sucking on it and she had slobber streaks all through her hair. I can't believe she still wears this dress. This is one of her 0-3 month dresses, now it's more like a long tank top, but she still has plenty of room to grow in it. Tiny thing.

It was a nice day and Caden kept begging me to pull out some bubbles. We have never done bubbles with Brynnley and she is at the perfect age to enjoy them. Caden was so excited to blow bubbles for her. We were both rolling with laughter over her faces. She would close her eyes so tight every time he blew the bubbles. I am still dying over her cute squinty face. She liked the bubbles after a while. She had popped bubble solution all over her hair. After a while she would squeal every time after the bubbles would pop around her. She would squint, then squeal, then laugh. We had a great time out on our deck. Eventually she wanted the bubble container and was more interested in the spilled bubbles on the floor. I took her back inside so she didn't get into too much trouble. The screen door was closed and Caden blew bubbles at her from the outside. She was thrilled to kneel against the screen and watch the bubbles pop some more. I just need to go get more bubble solution so we can do this all the time!

IMG_1200 copywrIMG_1202 copywr

IMG_1212 copywr

IMG_1221 copywrb

IMG_1216 copywrIMG_1218 copywr

IMG_1227 copywrsIMG_1230 copywrs

IMG_1228 copywrsIMG_1238 copywrs

IMG_1236 copywrb

You can tell in this first picture that Caden is getting ready to blow the bubbles, she is looking slightly concerned ;)

IMG_1237 copywrsIMG_1235 copywrs

Her scared to screeching faces -- she would get so scared then screech, almost as a release of fear, and then she'd laugh.

IMG_1241 copywrsIMG_1242 copywrs

IMG_1257 copywrb

IMG_1258 copywrsIMG_1245 copywrs

IMG_1249 copywrsIMG_1251 copywrs

That repeat squinting face just makes me laugh!