The second week in December we made a run to see Santa. The grocery store near my in-law's had Santa, donuts and chocolate milk. A tiny line, we could take our own pictures, and treats! Caden had seen Santa a few times before and every time we saw him he would ask for a different set of presents. A green sword, remote control car, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cars 2, Megamind, and a blue rope. And yes, Santa brought him every last one of those presents ;) spoiled little boy. It is so fun to get the cousin's together. When Britton went home after the holidays Caden would beg me to take him on a plane to his house. Caden loves playing with his cousins. It is so fun to see the family grow. We went from 3 to 6 in just over a year! It is so nice to have cousins close in age, big family gatherings will always be fun.

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