My brother Lane served a full time mission in Lithuania for 2 years. His arrival home was scheduled for December 16, 2011. He entered the MTC on January 13, 2010. The last transfer fell 3 days within him being able to come home! We were so excited to have him home before Christmas! His flight didn't get in till about 11:00 pm. We made signs, had balloons and cookies. It was so exciting! I love my Laney Poo. Seriously, he was my best friend all through high school. We don't see each other as much now, but we still have a great time together. Now he just needs to get married and give me some nieces and nephews for cying out loud! He came home with a sister that served in Latvia, she was in my grade in high school (what a coincidence)! This was the first time he had met my little Brynnley. Caden was 18 months old when he left. He has grown up so much since then. We made sure to talk about Lane often so Caden would remember who he was. It was an eventful weekend with him coming home, family Christmas parties, homecoming, family time. It was the perfect early Christmas present ;)

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oh, grandma.. I love you
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One of Lane's favorite companions Elder Manning -- he will be the starting QB for Utah State this next year :)
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n.davis said...

YAY, love when brothers come home!
You and your siblings all look so much alike.
you're all gorgeous, and have those beautiful eyes.

love all these posts! it's my nap time reads. :)