We didn't take hardly any pictures on Christmas day because we were all enjoying ourselves too much. So instead I snapped some pics of the kids playing with their new toys the following day. Don't you love the day after Christmas when they're so occupied with their new toys? I love staying in jammies all day and just lounging around. We set up Caden's train set in our family room. He played with it for hours that day. Brynnley was just as entertained as he was. She wanted desperately to just sit and watch the train go around and around. I didn't want to leave her there to fall over, since she hadn't quite mastered sitting. I stuck her in the bumbo and she was totally content. She kept reaching over to grab Caden's controller, pulling on his shirt, tugging on his arm. She would get so excited whenever it would pass right in front of her. When it went through the bell tower it would ding and her whole face would light up. Eyes got huge, lips puckered, neck craned. She was basically in heaven. I know these pictures are all in the same place, same thing over and over, but their expressions are so precious. This really shows their relationship and personalities. I love my kids. They are my best friends, and they sure love each other.

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