I love Midway. I would seriously move there if Taylor would go for it. It is so beautiful and quiet, small town. It is up in the mountains, but the drive isn't bad to most destinations. It's right by Park City, a short drive from Provo and right by a beautiful reservoir and gorgeous mountains. One of my good friends is from Midway, I loved visiting her and spending time there. Taylor and I also went on our honeymoon in Zermatt just a few blocks away from where we took this wagon ride. For New Years Ever Mimi and Poppy planned a fun day out in Midway. We were supposed to take a sleigh ride.. but due to the obvious lack of snow.. it turned into a wagon ride. The man who gave us the ride said he hadn't seen a winter so dry in 50 years. I'm sure he is still sticking by that as this Winter has been warm and dry. Pretty much perfect in my mind ;) This day was a bit nippy up in the mountains. We snuggled up in blankets that smelled like horse.. but they definitely kept us warm. Brynnley wasn't completely thrilled with her claustrophobic blue bear suit. She had a little melt down but we still had a great ride. It was absolutely beautiful, sunny, clear skies. These pictures turned out incredible. I have never had so much flare and glare in my pictures. I even caught reflections off the ridges in my lens. Caden was thrilled to ride on the wagon with the jingle bell horses. Our driver sang to us, and told us some good jokes. We had hot chocolate back at the lodge after the ride that warmed us right back up. We headed up to soldiers hollow to the grill for lunch afterward, then took the kids home for a nap. We headed up to Mimi and Poppy's house that night. The boys made a quick run (spur of the moment) the night before to go get some "special fireworks" from Evenston. We had good food and put a big puzzle together while we waited for midnight. When the clock struck 12 there was a major firework display on the driveway. The little boys all stood by the mommies while the big boys lit off the fireworks. Then we played with sparklers for a while after the show. When the night was over we took our tuckered out, little ones, home. 2011 was a great year; my sweet baby girl was born, my brother came home from his mission. It was a year full of good memories spent with family and friends. 

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I just caught up on all your previous posts - I love reading about your cute family! Your kids are too adorable!