so... I was going back through all of my pictures for 2011, thinking I would just do one last post with all the random miscellaneous pictures I had, that never made it into a post. I started in January, and when I got to May I realized.. I had missed a lot! I kind or wish I hadn't looked, but I found so many pictures that are journal worthy! I decided I need to do 2 more full posts and then I can do the miscellaneous pictures.. but there are a lot of miscellaneous pictures. I realize how much I neglected this journal over the last year, especially in the months before Brynnley was born. I regret it. I wish I would have documented more about Caden, taken more pictures of my only child. He grew up so quickly in the 4 months before she was born. Potty trained, sleeping in a big boy bed, weaning himself of the bottle, dressing himself. He changed from a baby to a big boy just in time to become the amazing big brother he is now. I love him so much, he is funny, and he makes me laugh so hard. I wish I would have recorded all of his funny stories. So lots of random pictures of him and both of my kids in a couple posts.

I also decided to download all the pictures from my little point and shoot. We spent so much time at the splash park this year. It was a good way to get out and still be able to handle being a brand new mom of 2. I was able to sit in the shade with Brynn and watch him play. My little point and shoot took some pretty good pictures, surprising.. really. He had these cute yellow swim trunks last year, that I loved! These were taken the day brynnley turned 1 month. Caden had finally gotten used to having a new little sister, He was so sweet to her and he loved to hold her and kiss her. He has always been so sweet to her. She looks so tiny in these pictures. It's hard to believe this was almost 8 months ago. Time goes too fast. We loved you summer. It feels like you are just around the corner, and with this 63 degree weather in March.. I'm pretty sure you will be here before we know it!

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IMG_0447 copywrIMG_0471 copywr

IMG_0470 copywrIMG_0459 copywr

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