We celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday almost an entire year go! We will be celebrating his 81st birthday this coming Sunday! My grandparents have an incredible yard/ orchard/ small grape vineyard, every year when it gets to be about this time.. they do tons of yard work, pruning, raking, plucking out dead plants. We went up last year to help clean up the yard for part of my grandpa's birthday. He had already pruned their orchard, we took the branches in wheel barrel after wheel barrel to the side of the street. When my mom was little her siblings would sit her on top of the sticks as they hauled them to the road. Caden followed suit and had a great time making sure the sticks stayed put. We helped pull dead sunflower roots, we would pull them out and shake off the dirt then toss them in a pile. Caden did a pretty good job of helping us, he had a good time making the dirt fly everywhere. When we got to the grape vines they gave Caden a pair of sheers and he cut the branches my grandparents held out for him. He clipped the entire row of grape vines by himself. We really wore him out. He crashed on the couch before we could head out to the big celebration.

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We met up with the rest of my mom's family over at boondocks. We had pizza, soda, ice cream and cake. My aunt made these adorable fish cupcakes.. because we all know Grandpa loves fishing. We all got tokens and wrist bands, and a full 2 hours of the outdoor activities. We rode on the bumper boats, raced the cars and played mini golf. After about my 12th time on the race cars I noticed a little sticker on the back of the car in front of me. It read something like this "pregnant women should not drive these cars.. because of the toxic fumes they put out!" BAH! I just about died. I was definitely pregnant, and the kids running the cars didn't say a thing to me! Granted I was wearing an extremely oversized shirt.. but come on. I still looked major pregnant! Needless to say. I stopped with the cars and participated in less toxic activities. haha. We played the games inside, filled our pockets with candy and went on some 3D virtual roller coaster thing. We played laser tag (which I also wasn't supposed to play) my team lost miserably, but Caden and Rachel took first place! They made a pretty good team! We played a few rounds of bowling and collected our prizes.

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Missing in action: Lane, Kaylie, Jaymie, Brittany and Jake
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My mom made some shirts for everyone in the family to wear. They read "this world has been blessed by 80 years with grandpa". We have all been blessed to have such an amazing man as our grandfather, and great grandfather. I am so glad my kids know my grandparents and have already made many good memories with them. We love you grandpa!


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