Caden has been a bit obsessed with his muscles from a very young age. Even now I'll catch him working out to Jillian Michaels with his 2 lb weights he got for Christmas. He would see Taylor using his perfect push up things, he would try to imitate how Taylor did his push ups. Of course his little cougar had to work out with him. When he was done "working out" he would stand up and flex in front of the mirror, or show me how buff he was ;) It was seriously adorable. It kind of melts my heart looking at these pictures. This was also his last day in diapers!

IMG_7721 copywr

IMG_7724 copywr

IMG_7728 copywrIMG_7796 copywr

I found him siting in the baby toy box one day. Playing with all of our baby toys. He had his doggy and his favorite box of cereal sitting next to him. Seriously adorable.  That picture just kills me.

some cute sayings from this age:
"aw man!"
"DANGEE" dang it
"the light's pokin my eyes!" when it was to bright in the room
"EE dat" see that -- he would say "see that mommy" about everything

He used his pinky for EVERYTHING at this age. He would turn the lights on and off with it, push buttons with it, unbuckle his car seat with it. I mean.. he was a little obsessed.

One day I caught him getting down from the counter, I asked him what he had been doing. He responded "makin popcorn" I looked in the microwave and there was an unopened bag of popcorn still wrapped in plastic, and the timer was set for 54 minutes. I am SO glad he never pushed start. But It was really adorable.

Another time, closer to the end of my pregnancy; My stomach was really tight from braxton hicks. I told Taylor that I was really thirsty, but if I drank or ate anything It would just make the tightness worse! Caden overheard the conversation and brought me a water bottle with about half an inch of water in the bottom. He said this is a "little water" for your tummy ;)

One morning I had an early OBGYN appointment. He was still sleeping, but I needed to get him dressed. I went in his room and tried to wake him up. He yanked the blankets back over his head, rolled over and said "doe away mommy! I sleepin!"

This boy was a potty training dream. We started one morning, threw all his diapers away.. and on we went. He was pretty well potty trained after 3 days, but he was completely done (day and night) after a week. He never saw diapers again. One time over the summer he was in the bathroom pooping, when he was done he got off the toilet and yelled "MOMMY, come here!" I ran in, and as I walked through the door, he was leaning over the toilet. He whispered down at the toilet "wow... big huge poop!" bahahaha, I lost it. Quite possibly one of the funniest things he's ever said.

IMG_7783 copywrIMG_7787 copywr

When he finished potty training we bought him these stinkin cute blue aviators. He wore them, and still wears them whenever we are in the car. He fell asleep with them on while we drove up to Taylor's parents for Sunday dinner. He looks so good in his aviators, just like his daddy ;)


He would fly everywhere with his superman cape. He wore his superman cape on a daily basis from about March to October last year. He would wear it in public and at home. This cute combination just killed me: cowboy hat, superman cape, and buzz lightyear boots. adorable!


We went to take some pictures of Rachel and her Date for prom. This kid is so tall. I mean.. Rachel is taller than me.. so basically next to him, I felt like an ant. They had a great time and prom was held at the sleepy ridge golf course. It was beautiful and we got some pretty great pictures of this funny pair.

IMG_8563 copywrIMG_8564 copywr

IMG_8568 copywrIMG_8575 copywr

Caden has always been my little cuddle bug. He would always snuggle up to me and my big huge belly. Brynnley loved kicking him when he squished her. He was always so interested in how big my belly was getting. He would always grab my measuring tape and see how big the baby was. One day, like many other days, he got into my bronzer and attempted the "oompa loompa" look. It was pretty awesome having a tan child for a few minutes ;)

IMG_8102 copywrIMG_8283 2 copywr

I always crave watermelon, but when I'm pregnant.. It's more like a necessity. As soon as watermelon came on I was buying them multiple times a week. I stopped bothering cutting them up because we would go through them so fast. Instead, we'd chop them in half, grab some spoons, and go to town. I am not joking when I say I ate many of them by myself in a matter of minutes. Yeah... they were good.

IMG_7978 copywr

I made Caden this cute little clip for Mother's Day. So adorable. He is such a mama's boy, and I love him so much! Don't mind my fat pregnant face ;)


IMG_8874 copywr

Goodness. Caden was obsessed with wristbands over the summer. He got one at boondocks for Rachel's birthday, I can't remember where the other was from? He had these two wrist bands on for over 2 months. He had a nice little tan line on his arm. He would not let me take them off. When I asked him if I could he would flop on the floor and wail. Eventually he took them off on his own and we replaced them with some friendship bracelets and paracord bracelets that can come on and off.


This is a story our neighbors will appreciate. So, there was this bird. A robin to be exact. This robin had some serious issues. He tortured our neighborhood for about 2 weeks.. and then he was disposed of. He would sit on the railing of almost all the condos around us, then fly at the window and poop! It literally pooped EVERYWHERE! It would fly and smack it's butt on our window! There was poop all over the deck, all over the railing, all over our chairs, and all over our windows. We would move the screen from side to side to try and stop him, but he would just switch to the other side. He would smack into our window several times a day, but mostly around 6:00 am. We would all wake up because of how loud he was! I seriously got desperate. I would sit inside the window and as soon as he'd come to our railing I would smack the window and try to scare it, Sometimes it would work and he'd leave. Other times he would fly across sit on the garages, wait, then come back and start again! I almost borrowed my sister's HUGE stuffed dog to sit on the porch and scare it away. One morning Taylor had enough. He used his mad skills and good eye to rid us from the insane bird. Needless to say.. we have since been poop free on our windows and deck. Thank you dear husband ;)

IMG_9089 copywrs

IMG_9094 copywrIMG_9095 copywr

I adore this picture of my baby. She loved to be swaddled, and I loved swaddling her. She would sleep for hours all bundled up on our bed. When she was born Caden loved to touch her toes and look at how tiny her feet were. He would always whisper "ittle bitty feet"

IMG_7838 copywr

My birthday fell on a Sunday last year, and my family was all gone to my cousin's wedding in Oregon. We had a nice dinner at Taylor's parent's house and planned a party for Monday. We went to Brick oven for dinner and afterward went to a near by park for banana cream pie and presents. I had a hunch.. But I wasn't certain. Taylor LOVES to surprise me, but he gets so excited that he usually spoils the surprise ;) He is getting MUCH better at keeping surprises these days. He completely shocked me with my new computer.. so he must be learning. I got a new sewing machine. A Bernina. Yes, it is amazing and I don't know how I ever lived without it. Thank you to Taylor, my in-laws and parents for all pitching in. I love it!

IMG_0522 copywrIMG_0530 copywr

Here is the video Taylor recorded.. just for kicks.

Caden and Brynnley. Cutest siblings alive. They seriously adore each other. He loves to snuggle her and make her laugh. She really loves him. She loves to sit by him and pet his hair, share his treats, and play with his toys. We always have a little snuggle session in my bed every morning. I love my sweet kids.

IMG_9116glIMG_7175 copybwwr

This was the first bath they took together. We suctioned Brynnley's bumbo to the bottom of the tub, and it worked great! We only had to use the bumbo a couple of times. They bathe and shower together several times a week now, and they have so much fun playing. Brynnley loves to stand in our shower and hold on to the side bars. They could play forever in the water.

IMG_7161 copybwwr

I took these pictures for a last minute post on How Does She. They were just so cute I had to share. He really was obsessed with his superman cape and these pictures depict exactly what he'd do when he would wear it. Love this boy.





An early morning snuggle session in bed. I love this picture. He always tries to include her in his activities, whether it's a toy or or my phone or the ipad. Of course she doesn't get it.. but it is totally adorable that he thinks she does. They are just stinkin cute.

IMG_0099 copywr

And that's it.. 2012! A lot of random pictures that finish up the year!


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