It must be something about this age, 6-7 months old. There are just certain things that intrigue a baby with their growing independence. Brynnley found a great love for eating tags just like Caden did. She would be totally content to chew on the tags and stickers from her new clothes, till they were a crumbly pulp. Don't worry.. I kept a close eye on her ;). She is a total toy lover. She was so excited about toys starting at 4 months. If you took her toy, it was pretty much the end of the world. She would sit for an hour in a pile of toys and be totally content. She is more interest in "actual toys" than Caden was. We used to keep what looked like a basket of garbage for him to play with. He loved empty water bottles, lids, tags, yarn, etc. It has been great to get good use out of all the toys he never played with as a baby ;) This little bear blankie is so soft and cuddly. On cold mornings I would put it on her head just for giggles, cause it looked so cute.

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