We spent the majority of January on lock down because of the non-stop sickness we had. The beginning of January was fun though. We spent a lot of time with family, watched a lot of football and just hung around our house. The weather was so mild through January, the whole month I just expected that there would be a horrible snow storm just around the corner. Now.. I'm thinking we're not even going to have a "winter" and I love the idea ;) Brynnley learned to scoot around on her belly, she was pretty speedy and got almost anywhere she wanted. Caden started preschool the end of January once he was finally better. We spent lots of time in our jammies sitting on the floor and couch playing, with toys and watching movies. In the mornings our house seemed especially cold, we would get all bundled up and pull out toys, blankets and my hair dryer. We would turn it on warm and blast it till we were nice and toasty. Brynnley loved to put her toes in front of the dryer and wiggle them as they warmed up. I'm glad our sick days are behind us. I didn't take very many pictures in January, but here are a few cute ones I picked out.

IMG_9420 copywrIMG_9413 copywr

IMG_9399-2 copywr

IMG_9472 copywrIMG_9478 copywr


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