It was early a few mornings before Valentines Day. Brynnley woke up just as the sun came over the mountains, like she always does. I went in her room to get her. I changed her diaper and was going to go out in the family room with her. I thought I heard a scuffle, crinkle and Caden's door close. He is really good about closing his door quietly so if he goes to the bathroom at night he doesn't wake Brynnley up. I wasn't sure if I had heard him or not.. and what was that crinkling sound? I went out in the hall and there was total silence. I didn't want to open his door and wake him up if he was still sleeping. I stood outside his door for a minute waiting to hear if he was awake or not. Then I heard the crinkle again! It was definitely coming from inside his room. I cracked the door open to see what he was up to. When I looked inside I saw him laying there, legs crossed in bed with a pile of York patties. We bought some special York for Valentine's day, they were shaped like a heart and the filling was pink. We LOVE peppermint patties. Caden would claim that they are his favorite candy. He had been sneaking them probably before I woke up with Brynnley. I was dying, he looked like he was in heaven eating dark chocolate covered peppermint in his jammies, on his white bed with the sun shining through his window. His face and fingers were covered in chocolate. When we went back to the store to buy another bag for Valentines day they were gone, sad day. We just made do with the regular good old York instead. 

IMG_9436 copywr

IMG_9440 copywr

IMG_9443 copywr

IMG_9444 copywr
Little Miss blue eyes chomping on my phone while I was taking pictures. 
Caden picked out these love jammies because they are blue, his "and brynnley's" favorite color ;)
IMG_9453 copywrIMG_9455 copywr

IMG_9467 copywr

mmm, I need some york.


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